Red Motorcycle Jacket

The elegant look with leather biker jackets: The 5 most popular fashions fade of this season

In this season, the popularity of the biker leather jackets has risen not only because of the elegant look that they bring out but also because of the uniqueness in terms of the design and the fact that they are highly versatile. Most people prefer these leather jackets because of the fact that they can be worn to different occasions without being out of place. There are fades that are considered as the best in the market today. Some of the most popular shades of this season include:

 •  The red motorcycle jacket

The red motorcycle jacket is common among the ladies and the men because of its dashing color and the unique design that it has. In addition the leather jacket has stripes that are located both on the front and at the back of the jacket. One interesting fact about the red motorcycle jacket is that the collar is rounded and the frontier has zippers with additional pocket on the chest. The arms of the leather jacket are quite simplified and this gives the desired comfort to whoever wears them. To add on its superiority, the leather jacket has shades of other colors including white and black an indication that it can be easily worn with any other attire.

 •  The blue motorcycle jacket

This is another leather jacket fade that is quite popular because of the high sense of fashion that it displays apart from being worn as a motorcycle gear. The leather jacket has a logo on the front part and it can be recognized from a distance. When it comes to elegance, the leather jacket passes the test because of the rounded shaped lapels and the bands that are presented on the cuffs. Moreover, the leather jacket has a strip band of white color that makes it quite superb.

 •  The grey motorcycle leather jacket

It is commonly referred to as the fly racing leather jacket because of the outer feel that it brings out. The leather jacket is not only distinguished but also uniquely designed in terms of the location of the silver buttons and the collar range. The collar has a detachable hood that gives one extra comfort when it is worn. The leather jacket has fringes on both arms and the inner part of the leather jacket has lining that gives additional warmth when worn. Indeed the leather jacket is not only elegant but also highly sophisticated.

 •  The black biker jacket

This is one of the leather jackets that are popular among most of the people first because of the color which is quite presentable and can be worn with any attire without caring about its shade. In addition the leather jacket has lapels that are well placed and the double pockets have zips that are secure enough. The other amazing fact about the leather jacket is that they have a unique touch and they are made of pure leather that ensures that their durable and long lasting. This is an indication that its popularity is justified and they are worth giving a try.

 •  The iconic white leather jacket

This type of leather jacket is unique in the sense that the front part of the leather jacket is covered with a unique logo and a shade of white color. In addition the flat collar gives one the opportunity to try it out all year round without worrying about the season.