Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

The 5 most popular biker jacket styles for this season- Whats hot now

There are five jackets this season that are the best of the best when it comes to biker jackets. These are the jackets that aren’t just fashionable, but also overall better quality leather jackets then the competition. Not only that, these jackets are also the jackets that have been deemed in season this winter season. Out of all the styles on this list a few of them are specific to certain climates and thus are not as far up on the list then others.

Number five. Fur lined biker jackets. These jackets are jackets that are best suited for cold climates. Out of all the cold weather motorcycle gear on the market this season, this one is by far one of the warmest and stylish out of all fashion trends of the season. Leather bombers are great motorcycle jackets to get decked out with a little bit of fur because fur compliments the shape of a bomber so well. Fur lined biker jackets are definitely one of the top trends in biker jackets of the season to keep in mind

Number four. The quilted leather jacket. out of all the styles of cold weather motorcycle gear of the season, this one is by far one of the warmest while also being one of the most affordable. On top of that, this style above all other styles of the season is a look that just caught on this year. Before this year it wasn’t possible to get a great quality quilted leather jacket without ordering on from a custom leather jacket. This year, however, designers all over the world fell in love with the look and it became a big mainstream jacket of the season.

Number three. The insolated leather biker jacket. This jacket is a bit puffier then other styles of leather biker jacket but are by far one of the warmest styles. Out of all cold weather motorcycle gear of the season, this one is by far the most incognito. For the most part, people can’t tell whether your jacket is insulated or not. If you’re looking for a jacket to stay warm in this season but you don’t want to draw to much attention to yourself, then this is the jacket for you this season

Number two. The euro style leather biker jacket. The euro style biker jacket has to be one of the most classic and iconic biker jackets on the market. This jacket was clearly created with both body shape and wind resistance in mind. As a result, this style of biker jacket has to be one of the sharpest on the market period. This style is great for anyone with a serious need for speed and the audacity to take that need onto the open road.

Number one. The American biker jacket. If the euro style jacket is one of the most iconic, then the title for most iconic goes to the American style biker jacket. This jacket is timeless, iconic, and badass, simple enough to say really. Out of all styles of biker jacket, this one is by far one of the most appealing to look at and also has to be one of the most comfortable styles overall. Out of all the styles of the season, none is more evergreen then the American biker jacket.