Yamaha Jacket

What’s new in biker jackets from Yamaha?

Yamaha jacket is considered as the most popular jackets in this season because of their quality and designs. It is therefore imperative that all the bikers have these leather jackets because of the fact that they are comfortable and in terms of fashion they are worth eye catching and ranked among the top. The new biker jackets that are available in the market today include:

The racing Yamaha jacket

The Yamaha jacket is made of high quality cowhide leather and has an armor that is removable and it is always attached at the back, shoulder and at the elbow. The straps that are used for adjusting the zipped cuffs make the leather jacket to stand out from the rest. Moreover, the lapels have press studs and the pockets on the waist have flaps. The double stitching on the leather jacket and the inner viscose lining ensures that the leather jacket is highly durable. In order to stand out it is paramount that you select the type that fits perfectly well and the most affordable type because they are of varied prices.

The Black Vented Yamaha jacket

The all black leather jacket is made of cowhide leather and has chest pockets that are zipped. In addition it is described as the vented type because zips on its front are ventilated and it has additional exhaust ventilation at the back. The double stitching and the zipped cuffs with press studs give you the desired soothing look and the connecting zip that act as the joint to the leather trousers ensures that you are comfortable and well protected. The new leather jacket stands out from the rest because of the front straps act as adjustments the small straps on the collar that improves the outer look of the leather jacket. The removable mesh lining and the removable armor at the elbow ensures that you look elegant apart from being perfect.

The new Replica Yamaha jacket

The Yamaha jacket is quite unique because of the features and the fact that it is made of synthetic leather of high quality. Moreover the inner lining is made of polyester and the shoulders and the elbows have an additional soft protector giving you 100% security. In addition, you can wear the leather jacket in all weather conditions, apart from being windproof, the leather jacket is waterproof. The straps at the waist region and the button at the tip of the collar offer extra means of closure. The leather jacket has multiple stripes of white and blue and the Yamaha logo on the lapels. The leather jacket is therefore worth trying out. Apart from being motorcycle apparel, the leather jacket can also be worn to other occasions and gives you the desired look.

The blue Yamaha leather jacket

The leather jacket is made of genuine cowhide leather and has an armor that is removable. There are two outer pockets and two inner pockets with inner polyester lining. The leather jacket has a small zip on the rear inside back that is used to zip up the leather trouser. This ensures that you are always comfortable while riding the motorcycle. In addition, the leather jacket has a logo on the shoulder and soft padding that ensures that you are safe when riding the motorcycle. The uniqueness of this new leather jacket gives it the opportunity of being ranked among the best in the market today.