Suzuki Jackets

The top 5 Suzuki jackets for bikers this season

It is imperative that all the bikers have the most appropriate leather jackets because without them chances of being comfortable and safe are quite minimal! There are brands of Suzuki jackets that are appropriate and the top jackets for this season are:

The Embroidered Mesh Suzuki jacket

This official leather jacket from Suzuki has distinct features that make it stand out from the rest of the leather jackets for instance the removable waterproof liner and the padding on the elbow, shoulders and at the back of the leather jacket. Moreover the inner side on the leather jacket is made of viscose lining and has two pockets. The outer side is embroidered with mesh like patterns and the front closure is zipped. Apart from this, the Suzuki jacket has grey, white and black stripes that run across the chest to the back of the leather jacket. The black color ensures that you can perfectly wear it to any occasion and match it perfectly well with any attire.

The Suzuki Rizal leather jacket

The leather jacket is made of calves’ leather that is described as the genuine type; the underarms are made of protective layer of leather that gives it a puffy look. In addition the leather jacket has certified protectors on the shoulders, the elbows and at the back. The padded kidney area has zippers that can be attached to the pants this is an assurance that this leather jacket is highly protective. The inner lining is made of removable polyester with additional two pockets. The flat rounded collar and the zipped front closure ensures that you are quite comfortable. Moreover the dashing blue color with yellow details ensures that you stand out from the rest of the bikers.

The racing Suzuki leather jacket

The Suzuki jackets are quite inspirational because of its quality and the mesh work. It is made of leather mesh fabric and the inner lining is made of the highest standard polyester. The padding on the underarms ensures that you are protected and comfortable. The front closure is zipped and has an extra button at the edge of the collar. Moreover the leather jacket has grey stripes that are evenly located on the surface of the jacket giving it an additional awesome feel and look. The tagging at the waist and the logo at the back of the leather jacket ensures that it can be distinctly identified from the varied types of Suzuki leather jackets.

The plain mesh Suzuki leather jacket

You are assured of high quality if you decide to purchase this leather jacket because it is made of a combination of mesh and tacked leather. Moreover the inner lining of the leather jacket is made of high standard material that is complex and comfortable. The leather on the shoulder region is quilted and the waist line has a removable belt. In addition the coo black color gives you the opportunity to wear it all year round without being out of place.

The red logo Suzuki jacket

The leather jacket has a red logo at the chest region and it is made of pure leather that is considerably durable. Moreover the underarm are padded and the shoulders, elbows and the back are perforated. The leather jacket is quite attractive because of the mix of colors that it has and zipped front closure.