Zac Efron Leather Jacket

The Top 5 USA TV serials and what they wore this season

American dream is unlike any other kind of drama on the market. Americans love themselves storied of love gone wrong, brothers making deals behind their brother’s backs, faithful wives and their modern day affairs, and all sorts of dramatic situations that grab people’s attention. Above all though, American drama is about entertainment. The subject of the drama doesn’t need to teach you anything as long as you can keep your audience entertained. The following list are the top five drama actors of 2014 and what they wore this season. These are the actors who make Americandrama what it is today.

Samuel L Jackson. In recent years, what most people tend to remember Samuel for is his recurring role as nick fury in the avengers and other such related movie franchises. It’s a role that he was born to play and ever since his movie debut as said character, people have loved the man in all his onscreen appearances. Nick fury is known for his iconic leather trench coat and eye patch combo in every on screen appearances the man makes. Nick fury is definitely a man people want to emulate over in America

Zac Efron. Zac was just a teen when he got his first real break in the High school musical movies. From there his career has been all but study in terms of the boy’s rise to stardom in American cinema. Zac Efron leather jacket have become immensely popular as a result. The most iconic jacket Zac ever wore was the Zac Efron leather jacket from 17 again. This leather jacket was the Zac Efron leather jacket he wore in the film and has since become one of the most coveted leather jackets in all of cinema

Coby smolders. Coby is a woman actress in America who’s been gaining a lot of interest as far as television and movies are concerned. Coby had her big break through the hit television dramatic sitcom how I met your mother and has, ever since the shows finale, appeared in a ton of movies and television shows. Her career has only gotten stronger since the movies end as opposed to the trend din American actors to never be able to find work after such a huge and iconic role. She’s known for her more laidback style of clothing.

Mila Kunis. Ever since her debt in that seventies show, Mila has become a household name here in America. If Mila Kunis is in your movie, you best believe that your movie will be successful. She’s an actor who plays big roles and can really deliver in any situation. Most people will either remember her for her retro 70’s outfits from the show or her black tutu from black swan, but whatever you remember her as or what she was wearing, Mila is a girl who looks damn good whatever she does and wherever she goes.

Leonardo DiCaprio. This is an American cinema legend. Leo is a man whose name always comes to mind whenever anyone thinks of American cinema. He truly is the greatest American actor of his generation, and the roles he stars in to say the least confirm this idea. Leo is a guy who’s most proximately remembered for his fine pressed suits, but has been known to go pauper with a leather jacket or two from time to time.