Thriller Jacket

How the celebrity jackets has changed this season: the top trends for last decade

The last decade leather jackets are considered as the best because of their durability and their unique designs. There are top trends from the last decade that are worth trying out.

The thriller leather jacket

The thriller jacket has a logo has M logo and is red in color with black stripes. The leather jacket has straight collars and the front closure has zippers. Moreover the inner lining of the leather jacket is made of viscose and the outer side is made of pure leather. The shoulder of the leather jacket has an extension that flatters its look. The thriller jacket has additional details at the back and at the chest region. The leather jacket was considered as the top trend in the past decade because the color and the fact that it perfectly fit most of the occasions.

The schott bomber jacket

The leather jacket is made of pure lining and the inner side is made of viscose lining. In addition the front closure is lined with faux leather and has a broken feel. The chest pockets have flaps and the waist pockets have flaps with buttons. The collar of the leather jacket has faux leather as well and gives additional warmth especially in the cold season. This feature made it quite popular in the past decade. Moreover the leather jacket was popularly worn to either the casual or the official occasion. Apart from being durable, the leather jacket was quite affordable and most of the people preferred it over the rest of the leather jackets.

The mouton leather jacket

This leather jacket has a talon zipper that made it distinct in the past decade. The leather jacket is made of a mix of suede and leather and the flat collar is made of faux leather. The most popular color was beige and the inner side of the leather jacket has two pockets. The waist line of the jacket is made of fringed leather that is brown in color. Moreover the sided pockets at the lower part of the arm make it appear classy. One distinct feature that made this leather jacket popular in the last decade is that it had suspenders at the waist line and a detachable hood. The leather jacket was therefore worn all year round without worrying about the weather condition.

The Cooper leather jacket

This vintage bomber leather jacket was quite popular in the last decade because of the brown skin leather that was used in its manufacture. Moreover the leather jacket has lat collars and this ensures that it can be matched comfortably with any attire. The leather jacket has two flap pockets on the waist line and two inner pockets. The front closure is buttoned and the popular color that was preferred by most of the popular was brown. Moreover the leather jacket was worn to different occasions at ease. The waist has a band that ensures that anyone who has them on is comfortable. The Cooper leather jacket has stripes on the sleeves and the cuffs and the lapels have snap tabs.

The last decade leather jackets were quite popular because of their simplicity in terms of design, their durability, the fact that they were quite affordable and their diversity.