Cyclops Jacket

The 5 most popular Hollywood movie jackets of this season

With all the movies coming up in the past couple of years, there is no surprise that a lot of the famous characters inspired the wardrobes of their fans. As the cold season comes near to many of us, it is important to remember what jackets are trending this year and how to wear them best. Here is a list of the five most popular jackets made famous by a movie character that are trending this season.

Indiana Jones’ Jacket

Years have passed since the Indiana Jonesmovie came out, and the jacket has never been forgotten. This is a jacket made in a bomber kind of style, and it goes well with the boots and the fedora hat that accompanied its original bearer. Perhaps Indiana Jones went through a lot of challenges during many movie scenes, but his jacket always brought out an attractive look for him.

X-men’s Cyclops’ Jacket

If there is a franchise that never seems to lose its popular acclaim, it is X-men. Starting in the early 2000s with the first installment, all the way to the 2010s with the Originsseries and more, the popularity of this group of movies doesn’t seem like it is going to decay anytime soon. Among all of their characters, Cyclops is one of the most popular ones. Today, it is possible to achieve his look by getting a Cyclops jacket. This is not just another ordinary leather jacket. The Cyclops jacket is black, with red and white vertical stripes on the left side, a rounded neck, and a bold closing zipper line in the center. Getting a Cyclops jacket is a must.

. Fight Club’s Tyler Durden’s Jacket

This jacket is hard to miss and forget after seeing Brad Pitt sporting it. It’s a vibrant red leather jacket with triangular neck that ends in a centered closing. Perhaps red sounds a little bit too pretentious and wild for a man to wear, but Tyler Durden certainly proved that a man can look good in a jacket like this one.

Rebel Without a Cause’s Jim Stark’s Jacket

This is another red jacket that adds color to this list. Perhaps Rebel Without a Causeis such an old movie, but it is certainly an unforgettable one, especially with James Dean as the lead character. This red jacket mimics the ones that were popular in the 1950s, with flaps, buttons and zippers that were representatives of that era. Although the origins of the jacket have been hard to track down, versions of this jacket are available for purchase. It is a fact that anyone who watch Rebel Without a Causewill recognize the jacket if you wear it the next time you hit the city streets.

 • X-men’s Wolverine Jacket

Once again, we have X-men characters in the list. It is so hard to put just one in this list, given the fact that Wolverine is also a popular character to the point that they even made a movie just about him. There are two jackets that this character wore in the films, but we’ll focus on one for this list: the one he wore in Wolverine: Origins. This jacket stands out among the rest for being finished in a brown tone of leather, with three tan stripes at the elbow level. The jacket comes with tan details on the bottom part and it has asymmetrical zippers on the sides.