Blade Jacket

How Hollywood left a mark in Fashion trends: the favorite jackets of fans this season

Hollywood always influenced fashion world, in our favorite stars and their characters we find inspiration and examples of elegance and style. All the people want to look like hero on screen and be also brave, strong, real hero. Another garment won’t make your life full of adventures at once, but it will change your daily look and who knows, maybe it will influence your life too. Millions of fans are looking for stylish and elegant jackets, now it’s your turn.

Captain America is a film showing us image of real hero and patriot. It’s so great to love your country and be proud of it. You can show your patriotism with wonderful jackets proposed by this film. The most popular model is blue jacket with big star on chest. Textured leather looks bright and soft, so, you can easily combine wonderful look with extreme comfort. Straight lines, front zipper and inner pockets underline advantages of your body and give this jacket very stylish look. By the way, this film gave us not only man model, women also can choose wonderful garment and underline their beauty with leather jacket worn by Scarlet Johanson. This actress shows how beautiful can be a woman dressed in leather. Biker style has enormous popularity and women can easily combine it with any garment. If you want to look strong and aggressive, you can wear it with leather pants and jeans. If you want to look tender and romantic, leather jacket with metal details, metal buttons and belt will only underline your femininity if you wear it with light dress with flower print.

Trilogy about Blade is one of films that influenced attention to leather clothing. All parts of this movie heroes are dressed in leather garment Of course, the brightest image of this film is Blade dressed in leather coat. But millions of fans noticed also wonderful leather jacket and now you can find this model in many colors. Blade jacket is a short jacket to waist made from soft leather and it looks extremely stylish. The most popular are grey and dark-brown variants of such jacket. It’s sport-street model with double protection of shoulders and elbows. On high stand collar you can see a sign RST of contrast white color and front zipper has double protection. Blade jacket will look great if you will wear it as a biker west, but even with jeans it will give you fantastic look. By the way, this film also gives us examples of wonderful leather costumes for women. If you want to underline your beauty, you are welcome to use example of Leonor Varela.

X-men is also a film that gave real cult of leather jackets. It was made especially thanks to one of the most important characters Wolverine. His fantastic biker jacket has three strips on sleeves, these strips are on lighter shadow of the same color, in movie variant, it’s combination of dark-brown with beige one. Waist also has decorative strip on the same color. In general design of this jacket presents very stylish biker jacket with front zipper, stand high collar and big inner pockets on waist. It’s wonderful variant for strong and aggressive look.

It’s impossible to forget about the best example of trendy biker jacket. Ghost rider jacket is example of motorcycle style jacket. Made from soft glance leather, with oblique zipper closure, large collar, belt and metal decorations it will perfectly match any man. This motorcycle jacket underlines advantages of man’s body and gives you stylish look in any situation. Maybe this is the reason why this model is loved so much by fans.