Long Leather Coat

The changing trends of a leather coat: the top 5 designs of this season

Ever since the leather coats made their first apparition in the 80s, people have become attached to them. Seasons have come and gone, but the leather coats’ popularity seems to become stronger every season. However, every season has its own takes on the coat, and every year different styles of coats are released and there are certain styles that become more popular than others. Here are the five most popular coat designs of the season.

Fur Lined Hooded Coats

A very peculiar take on this season comes from the fur lined hooded coats. This long leather coat comes with a fur lining around its neckline that not only carries a strong sense of fashion, but it also helps to keep the bodies of its bearers warm and comfy. Hooded coats have been out there for a while, but it was until this season that they became outstanding when the fur lining was added to it. The colors of the fur compliment the color of the leather coat. It is a fun coat to wear.

Trench Coats

Once again, the trench coats are making an apparition in leather stores all around. This long leather coat promises to keep its bearers warm and protected against intense weather circumstances, which helps them to worry less about ruining their favorite outfit. A person who bears a trench coat is a person who carries elegance and a sense of fashion within. The buttons, the belt, the neckline, every feature about this coat makes it desirable. It is certainly a piece that will enhance the looks of anyone who dares to wear it.

Topper Coats

Perhaps you know them for being the typical kind of coat that a detective would have worn in an old film. However, this long leather coat is anything but ordinary. It carries a timeless sense of fashion attached to it. Moreover, this kind of coat enhances a sense of seriousness to the person wearing them. Anyone wearing this coat does not have to worry about putting together a whole outfit with it, because the coat is an outfit itself. If you constantly have to wear a formal outfit, a leather topper coat might be a good addition to your wardrobe.


Peacoats are popular this season with sets of three or even four pairs of buttons in the front. They have a double-breasted cut and go well with any casual outfit. The peacoats of the season come with a lot of details that make them stand out among the crowds. Perhaps you have tried wool and other kinds of peacoats. However, the leather peacoats come with a more elegant and sophisticated touch.


It is absolutely important to stay warm during the cold season. However, that does not mean one has to stay out of style. With long leather overcoats, it is possible to stay warm and stylish even within the worst weather conditions. As opposed to other styles, the overcoats have a slimmer look. Moreover, they are longer in length and therefore, carry a larger amount of buttons in the front: perhaps even five or six pairs of them. However, all of these features are carefully crafted in order to ensure the quality and the good looks of the bearers of such style. This kind of coat goes well over any kind of outfit.