Leather Corset

Different designs in trend this season for leather corsets; what to wear to have that sexy look

Leather Corset is a fitting garment particularly designed for the upper waist and torso. It has been hardened to shape the torso of women so that she looks attractive and shapely. The corsets became famous in the 16th century. Corsets can be worn as both underwear and outerwear. A leather corset makes a great sensual outerwear. Wearing a corset gives women a powerful feeling. Women look very attractive with small and curvy waist. Corsets are usually steel boned which helps to shape your waist. Wearing a corset under your cloth helps you to shape your body. You can wear it as an outerwear along with a pair of pants or jeans for a night out. Wearing an under bust leather corset over formal shirt can make you look very stylish in office attire.

Corsets were the garments of high society ladies in the old days. But today, it is worn by women of all classes. Corsets are more popular among plus size women than those with regular size. Corsets are more demanded by plus size women as shaping their body is the primary objective. Obesity is increasing because of food habits and lack of exercise in our society and so is the plus size group. Leather is a very attractive material for corsets. Leather is now refined to make it lighter and thus easier for fashion designers to create various designs. Two broad kinds of leather corsets are available in the market: over bust corset and under bust corset. Over bust corset is for shaping the upper part of the body. The under bust corsets are for the hips and waist. The various styles of leather corset that are on demand are: steel boned corsets, black leather corset, strapless corsets, distressed faux leather corsets, corset with shoulder straps, leather corsets with buckles at the front, leather over bust corset, long cut under bust corsets, colored corsets like purple, brown, red, ivory, etc. Metallic colored corsets are very attractive and trendy. Printed and embroidered corsets are also in fashion.

Corsets as outerwear can be worn as tops with jeans or skirts. Corsets are also available for low neckline dress or backless dress. Corset on top of dresses can give your outfit an extra edge and sensuality. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing corsets recently. Iconic singers like Lady Ga Ga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Kylie Minogue has made corsets very popular. When fans see their favorite singers in this outfit, they feel like buying it. Celebrity endorsement has really helped in increasing the demand for leather corsets.

The corset shapes body, improves posture and uplifts confidence. Besides being extremely functional, it is very attractive and glamorous piece of garment as well. This outstanding body shaper gives an attractive hour glass figure when used regularly. It is very useful for plus size women. Though corsets were the apparel of high end fashion conscious ladies, it is now worn by women of all walks of life. For a woman who loves to show off her curves, leather corset is a must have for her wardrobe. Besides leather, corsets of lace or other fabrics are also found in the market, however, there is nothing more appealing than a leather corset.