Handmade Leather Belts

What makes handmade leather belts suddenly so popular?

Anything seems so exceptional on the indefinable haute couture where clothes are custom tailored by hand is no different from handmade leather belts. Which is probably why these accessories are apparently becoming famous. Imagine the magnificence of fashion made to measure to your personal style however flamboyant it may appear. Oftentimes, looking for handmade quality on ready to wear collections can be difficult. And for that, the artistic flair of designers are regarded as the crème de la crème in fashion particularly on made to order pieces crafted to perfection by hands from beginning to end.

It lasts

Handmade leather accessories are made of 100% genuine leather and there is no doubt about it. These are carefully chosen hides that passed the most stringent quality. Its buckles are made of sturdy metal to last a lifetime. A custom leather belt in fact puts no limit to your budget and desire. With it, you can express your spending powers as well as your pragmatism.


Bespoke wardrobes and accessories used to be available for the selected high-class clout in the earlier centuries. These are considered the fundamental in power dressing when you have something that no one else does or look alike.

Handmade leather belts are firm, pliable at the same time classy.


You can select from hand dyed harness or bridle leather from varying shades of tan, light-medium-dark brown and black. These are sealed leathers from the tannery but you may also have any of it in natural unfinished hide as you want. There is the square or the double ring for the buckles, which come in solid brass, nickel, gold, silver or gunmetal.

In style

The latest from this season’s collection are no exception as the choices you have are diverse. From the dynamic sporty trend, romantic, avant-garde and classic designs, there is one that would suit your yearning.


Sporty belts can be rendered in a waistband with leather trims. You can have this belt with two-tone stripe combination at the center. This style of belt goes perfectly with khaki jeans and plain shirts.


A corset belt that hugs the female form epitomizes romanticism. This season’s hottest design for modern corset goes to Jean Paul Gaultier’s creations. Their perforated paisley detail exudes very up to the minute vintage look that’s more glamorous with todays laced wardrobes.


Avant-garde pieces are the most unique accessory of choice for leather boots, belts and clutches. The latest shows on the runways have once again turned the spotlight on the ethnic sophistication that incorporates beads and corals into fashion, which can be rendered on handmade leather belts. These are meticulously designed structures and details that can be an expression of your mood.


The classic designs from the best and richest forms of leather accessories are executed on different shades that relates to the time. It can be in forest green, ruby red, or sparkling yellow that are prominent on the latest creations by Dior, Gucci and Alexander McQueen.

The fresh new update on the classic and eclectic designs on leather belts confirms the outrageous concepts of what the best designers are known for. This is perhaps the reason why custom made tailoring and made to order leather belts are preferred over ready to wear choices by some distinctive individuals. It surpasses expectations, demands and sheds more light on fashion’s ambiguous side.