White Bomber Jacket

How bomber jackets changed over the years- what’s latest now?

Bomber jacket is a timeless piece of leather item. This classic outfit is loved by everyone and is always in fashion. Leather bomber jackets were used by pilots and armed forces for its functionality. But now it has become a fashion statement.

The classic style of leather bomber jacket is of waist length with front zip closure and knitted cuffs. The first style was the MA-1 flight jacket made in 1950s. The Harrington style appeared later. This style of jacket is extremely popular as it was worn by presidents and even movie stars. Then there was the A-2 leather flight jacket that was worn by World War II U.S. pilots. Leather bomber jackets of this design were specially designed to protect pilots from difficult weather conditions. Hollywood actor Tom Cruise made this jacket popular through the movie Top Gun. This jacket is ideal for both casual and semi formal occasion and it is this feature that makes it popular even today.

Black is the smartest colour for bomber leather jackets. However, coloured bomber jackets are also very demanding nowadays. The elegant brown bomber jackets are gives a very sophisticated feeling. White bomber jacket is very famous now after Ryan Gosling wore it in the blockbuster movie ‘Drive’. This extremely fashionable white bomber jacket has a prominent scorpion fabricated on it which portrays a strong image. The outer layer of the white bomber jacket has ivory diamond quilted satin with premium stitching, giving it a unique style. Dark colors are in trend now, like burgundies, brown, black, dark greys or even blues. For people who want make a bold statement about their style can choose to wear bright colours like orange and pink. Red bomber jacketsbring new charm for fashion lovers. Prints on bomber leather jackets are also trendy now. These jackets are now available in floral print, Aztec print and check patterns.

The old styles are rediscovered with variation in cuts and colors. The 90’s varsity jacket or letterman jacket is in style now. It gives you a sporty look and can be worn with shorts or t-shirts. Quilter bomber jackets from 1965s are also back. Mid-thigh and knee length quilted jackets are in fashion now. These jackets can be found in many colors. Harrington bomber jackets of the 60s are also back in fashion. Made iconic by Daniel Craig and Steve McQueen, this jacket is loved by many. Cropped bomber jacket is a very stylish and trendy outfit. The height of the jacket is waist length or above. It is very popular among the young generation. It goes well with jeans or tight denim. Hooded bomber jackets are another style of jacket that is also worn mostly by today’s youth. This jacket can be found in black, blue, khaki, and many other colors. Metallic bomber jacket reminds you of the rock culture and it is meant for people with similar taste. Metallic bomber jacket is made up of copper-like material and comes in flashy gold and bronze colors.

Leather bomber jackets are worn throughout the year. It is appropriate for any season because of its versatility. The most interesting aspect of this outfit is that no matter how you wear it you will look stylish. Its universal appeal has made it occupy a permanent place in today’s fashion industry.