Red Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets- The new colours and the bold patterns of this season

Have you seen enough of the colourful leather jackets that get bolder with vibrant hues like coral red, berries and pink blush? The classic styles that are usually with earth tones like beige, auburn and greys make way for a red bomber jacket nowadays. The busy streets, quaint café’s and the modern edifice of our ever-changing world inspire the vast selections of rainbow of colours. How can that be missed with our own favourite leather jacket? Follow us to know what colours you shouldn’t overlook this season.

Midnight blue

There will always be a room for ‘a deep blue something’ in your wardrobe. After all, it’s the closest colour to the classic black. You can go beyond the usual charcoal and bronze without leaving all the classics behind. A biker leather jacket in midnight blue can make a dull day look otherwise.

Olive green

The reemergence of military inspired fashion is hard to ignore. Bomber jackets look more tough and rugged with the colour that can camouflage with the leaves of the trees.

Aside from olive green, the dark emerald and the light mint greens are also one of the colours that decked the runways. The jackets with softer fabrics go well with the softer shades while the dark tones are stunning with leathers.

Burnt sienna

This deep brown reddish colour is perfect for the fall season. The warm tone blends with the changing colours of the leaves. A leather blazer can look gorgeous with this shade.It’s your best alternative to chocolate brown.


Lilac counts among the pastel shades that are popular this season along with tiffany blue resembling the light robin egg colour used on Tiffany jewelry boxes. This feminine shade is no longer a staple to a woman’s wardrobe since men have already embraced the fashion changes when it comes to pastel coloured leather jackets.

The darker version of lilac is the raspberry colour that looks risqué and provocative on a leather jacket with slim silhouette cuts.

Hot pink

This bright colour of flushed cheek is one of the neon bright shades that are hot this season. But you shouldn’t miss out on its lighter alternative in the pastel category. Baby soft pink leather jackets are a breath of fresh air from the edgy design of a biker jacket.

The timeless elegance of a motorcycle jacket retains its usual form in spite of the modern changes in colours. There are belted jackets that hug to the curves of the waist to give you comfort when you have to lean on the motorbike.


This light yellow shade is a delicate colour that is set make its way to every woman’s wardrobe. This sweet concoction is one of the daintiest colours to mix with all the sweet and delicious collection of colourful leather jackets.

Deep red

The red colour comes in bold or subtle shades. But that’s not all; there are some things in between from opaque, bright or light that can be quite perplexing when choosing for a red bomber jacket. If you are not entirely for the true red shade, you can safely settle for the deep red that almost resembles the red wine.

The wide selection of shades may vary every season. While it’s true that the best choice is still the classic, taking another route when it comes to colourful fashion is definitely worth the try.