Black Bomber Jacket

What famous designer houses offered leather bomber jacket in this season collection

Fashion industry has grown over the past years; the rapid growth has been attributed by the influence of celebrities. Every celeb has his or her own styles which is are loved by their respective fans around the world, for instance when a celeb walks down the fashion runway with a new outfit, within a few days the you will find the style spread all over the famous designers houses. What happens is that paparazzi follows these superstars wherever they go and its kind off hard for them to hide from the limelight. Their photos are taken and published in very popular magazines which many people buy and somehow get influence by the styles they see. Here is a review of some of the top and famous designer’s houses which offered the best leather jackets.

Gucci Fashion Designer House

Gucci is one of the famous fashion designers house for leather apparel. It is located in Italy and is one of the most successful and expensive fashion designer houses in the world which has managed to establish its brand. There over 275 stores worldwide. This season Gucci designers come up with elegant and classy black bomber jacket, this leather jackets are made from excellent and quality materials. Gucci stores are the favorite shopping sport for celebrities and businessmen.

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Designer House

The Dolce & Gabbana also known as DNG, which means Domenico Dolce and Gabbana Steffano is one of the best fashion designer houses in the world, this fashion house is based in Milan Italy and is best known for leather apparel. The D&G is a recognized brand in the world and their black bomber jacket was one of the best designed leather jacket.

Burberry London Fashion Designer House

Burberry London designer house came up with a cool classic leather bomber jacket with viscous lining. The Burberry designers have an outstanding tartan pattern which is a world famous trademark. The British are known to be perfectionists and organized thus you should expect a very elegant and well designed black bomber jacket from Burberry fashion house. They are also known for leather trench coats, bags, watches and fragrance and other accessories.

Alexander McQueen Fashion Designer House

Alexandra McQueen is another famous fashion store which managed to come up with a very cool, elegant and stylish bomber jacket this season. They design their leather garments by revamping classic design with modern rendition.

Armani Fashion Designer House

Armani fashion house is also considered to one of the famous fashion designer house for leather apparel and other accessories. They design leather bomber jackets for both sexes. They also capitalized on the high demand for bomber jackets and designed several of them which were highly sold. This Italian fashion house makes leather apparel of tough material and double stitches which will guarantee longevity.

Versace Fashion Designer House

Versace is also an Italian fashion house which was established by Gianni Varcase. This popular fashion store was among the first to connect the music world to fashion. This fashion designer house also deals in leather apparel.Their leather bomber jacket were a tough and elegant design which was influenced by the classic designs.

Prada Fashion Designer House

Prada fashion designer house is a specialist in luxury leather accessories, their designs never disappoint because they always come with outstanding piece of leather bomber jacket. This season they rule the roast.