Aviator Jacket

Top 5 popular leather aviator jackets designs of this season

Many years have passed since the first aviator jackets were introduced to the world. It was back then, in the time when pilots would fly aero planes with sunglasses and hats, in the open air, those jackets became necessary to fight the winds that the higher heights would bring. Today, pilots can fly in the comfort of their cabin, without having to worry about extremely low temperatures and other threatening weather factors. Nonetheless, this kind of jacket is still being created given the fact that people adopted them as pieces of ultimate fashion. Currently, an aviator jacket is considered a piece of vintage fashion, something that has become predominant in the world of fashion within the last couple of years. Here is the top five most popular styles of this kind of jacket.

Shearling Flying Jacket

The aviator jacket has always been known for protecting against bad weather conditions. Therefore, it is not a surprise that many jackets make use of shearling lining in order to keep people warm and comfortable as they walk on their everyday life. These jackets are adjusted on the edges of the sleeves in order to protect bearers from wind entering their hold body. The overall mission of the shearling flying jacket is to keep people as warm as it can.

Bomber Flight Jacket

Bulky, but always stylish, the bomber flight jacket is a kind of aviator jacket that carries a robust and comfortable look with it. Its design is simple, yet it has enough features to contribute to the overall warmth and commodity of the person wearing it. The details and features are very limited, but they still have the known front lateral pockets, one on each side of the zipper, that are a signature of aviator jackets in general.

Patched Bomber Flight Jacket

A different take on the traditional bomber flight jacket, is the one with patches. This kind of jacket is also bulky and comfortable, but it is known for making a bolder recalling of the past era as it carries patches that the army and other flyers use to bear back in the day when the aviator jackets became popular. The patches usually have logos of the army, or other prestigious flying companies. These jackets are trending because many people today like to recall previous times through the vintage clothes that they wear.

Sheepskin Jacket

Sheepskin has been present in jackets for many seasons. It feels like every winter there are pieces of apparel that come with sheepskin, with the promise of keeping the bearers warm and prepared for the cold winter season. This season is no exception, as sheepskin makes a comeback in many versions of the leather jackets, including the aviator ones. Nonetheless, the sheepskin this year is not as obvious and extravagant as it was before. This year, the sheepskin around the necklines, sleeve edges, and bottom parts of the jackets come in smaller portions, making them just the right amount of sheepskin to keep people warm and in style.

Fur Lined Aviator Jacket

Besides sheepskin, there are many other kinds of fur that compliment the look of multiple aviator jackets. The fur will normally contrast the overall look of the leather. For example, if you get a brown jacket with fur lining, it is likely that the lining will be a shade of brown lighter than the one of your overall jacket.