Leather - The Trend Of The Season

How fortunate are we to be living in the 21st century! It’s progressive and a lot bolder and vibrant than the 80s or 90s combined. The introduction of leggings, jeggings and peplum showed how fearless we can be when it comes to fashion. Leather is one the few garments that stretches our liveliness. Leather has become lightweight and easy to find in stores. It’s also flexible and durable for either hot summer days or cool winter mornings.

Leather has transformed as the world continues to revolve. Different items are at our disposable, leather pants, skirts, leggings, shirts, etc, etc. It goes on and on. Below you will find pieces that are inspired by leather and are #trending like never before!

Skirts – the midi, maxi, pencil or high waist

Linah Nkuna who owns the pencil skirt says she bought it because they are sassy and is the hot thing right now. “The trend convinced me to have it,” she says. She admits that it’s not an everyday thing but a good cherry on top to have. And that is what made her invest in one. Due to its durability, styling it for a more feminine look boasts a certain class and elegance. Long leather skirts offer a more professional look, suitable for the office whilst the short skirt is more appropriate for the nightclub or a picnic on the lake.A long leather skirt might look professional and chic without looking too sexy for the office. It became popular through catwalks in the 80s and 90s.

Pants – leggings, trousers or shorts

Because of the tight fit of the pants, it has become popular to not be worn by most fashion gurus. Manufacturers have substituted the authentic material with either PU or imitation leather to provide a more urban and comfortable looks for consumers. Nandipha Dlangamandla owes a pair of PU pants. “They have a touch of the leather on the sides.I bought them because of how the textures blended and made a great mixture,” she says.  Today pants are produced in a wide variety of types and styles and are decorated by a wide range of techniques. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been seen wearing his and her matching pants.

Dresses – peplum, LBD or knee high

The leather market has moved with the times. In stores, real leather and faux-leather dresses are becoming popular by day. The dress certainly allows more air to travel through it, unlike the pants. Available as a strap, halter neck and even a dungaree, you can dress up whichever way that suits your mood or style.


Who doesn’t love the bold statement this classic piece radiates? To an even bolder statement is the leather jacket. The jacket is one of the oldest leather garments known to the fashion industry. It is a sought-after item by many fashion trend followers. So for all you fast-paced trend followers, make it a mission to get yourself this classic yet vintage piece while it is still fresh on the market. Get it while it’s hot!

Leather is a versatile and classy item to have. When matched properly with other items, jewelry, crop tops, chunky bangles, a cotton shirt or some heart stopping heels leather exudes a sensuality that isn’t achievable without it.