Suede Leather Jacket

Five new trends for this winter in leather jackets: The must have for this season

In this season of the year, the laidback concept of the holidays brings in the latest trends on fashion must haves with a blend of eclectic pieces to classics. Taking a peek from the pages of fashion forecasts and seeing the models strut the new trends on the fashion week, we can’t help but get awed on the stylish leather jackets for the winter. It must be the bewildering fringed suede leather jacket or the amazing cuts on the ever-fashionable biker inspired outfit. What ever it is that tickled our senses, it’s all up to you to judge from the outside looking in as we bring you the 5 most covetable leather jackets this fantastic season.

Biased attention to details

Asymmetric ribbed leather jackets count among the most popular new trend that’s hard to slip by. How can we resist the slimming effects of biased cuts and silhouettes on a short biker jacket and the startling ribbed details on the leather? This style is definitely worth to go in great lengths to have and to hold.

Culturally relevant

Tribal embellished leather jackets with mixed fabrics or beads are certainly drool worthy pieces among the newest trends. Dark gray denim inspired style leather jackets is made even more desirable with the intricate beading at the rear. A texturized leather jacket in taupe infused with vibrantly coloured tribal printed fabrics makes it a staple till the next summer and spring. Does it ever feel like winter at all?

New norm

Supersized jackets that hang loosely on your shoulder are your best take on the sartorially edgy group. Taking cues from Johnny Depp’s iconic distressed leather jacket that’s a timeless classic. With the newfound discoveries of perfectly tailored cuts, this is quite an opposite of neatly dressed, but the cult for grunge and alternative dressing make way for this trend to set forth no matter what season brings. Good thing oversized jackets is on the loose. Now we have good reasons to try this obnoxious fashion.

Distinctively modern

A Block patchwork on leather jackets takes your clothes to a different territory. It’s simply stepping out of your comfort zone to try something out of the ordinary. Imagine the lively colourful blends of vivid pink, eggplant, and citrus or the subtle shade of blueberries and vanilla infused with the neon like shade of lime. Whether you put on your dancing shoes with this outfit or your sky-high boots, this style is an essential key to party dressing.


Luxurious alligator skin patterns on genuine or faux leather jacket is a luxurious statement by all means. Whether you’re dressing to impress or simply rewarding yourself, the rich texture of reptilian skin is every inch elegant. The fiercest shades we’ve seen are the varying tones of green like emerald, dusky forest and moss as well as the lighter variants of pistachio and chanteuse.

The must haves for this season are indeed great and the fresh updates on the typical old-time classics are somewhat eccentric. Nonetheless, these what keeps fashion evolving whether you’re hooked on the classic cowboy trend that comes with the latest suede leather jacket with eye-catching fringes or you’re up for the jacket with shapely multi-coloured patches. What makes it so special? It’s the bewilderment or amazement and the undeniable smile on your face when you get ahold any of these.