Suede Coats For Women

New colours and designs of leather coats this winter for ladies: the top 5 must have list

Leather is always popular for its versatility, upscale appeal and rich textures. Designers have come up with a wide range of styles and colours of leather coats this winter. ‘Feminine look’ is the main feature of this season’s collection. Influences of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s styles are evident in this season’s designer collections.

Suede coats for women lead the runways. Suede is a hybrid between leather and velvet, which makes it very soft. Its cowgirl image is very appealing to the ladies. Wearing a nice suede coat portrays class and prestige. Suede coats for women looks great with chiffon and gorgeous satin dresses. Rich shearling is a reinvention in coat designs. The traditional trench coats are also given new looking with unique pale shades and unexpected bright colours. Bright colours and variation in styles of collars are the trends this season. The top 5 must have list for women’s leather coats this winter is given below.

 • Suede coats for women in bright tones like electric blue, turquoise, rouge and fuchsia. The soft touch of suede makes suede coats very comfortable and warm in winter. Suede is made up of the reverse side of leather, giving it a soft and smooth finish. Suede coats with black leather collars and pocket flaps add an interesting twist to the plain coat.

 • Sleek shearling coat in dark red with black collar and cuffs have an extremely feminine appeal. The comfort of shearling along with the vibrant red colour is a piece to steal everyone’s heart this winter.

 • Kimono style coats in colours like black, red, grey, beige are very trendy this season. Blend of two or three colours makes the coat very aesthetic. These coats are a bit shorter in length and come with a belt. Colours like chocolate, gray, and emerald are trendy.

 • Crocodile or python skinned coats are a choice of the upper class. These coats look richer than plain textured coats. Depicting class and personality, these coats are found in dark hues like green, red, burgundy, and blue.

 • Trench coat styled coats with long fringes is in style this season. To add a new twist, the fringes start at the waist and drape down instead of the traditional fringes on the sleeves, shoulders and back. This traditional cowgirl style is still appealing to fashion lovers.

Besides the above mentioned styles, collarless leather coats are also on fashion. Plaid cape coats, coats with fur collars, oversized blanket-like coats, etc. are also available in this year’s winter collection. Other than bright colours, pastel colours, shades of purple, white and cosmetic colours like blush pink are also trendy. Leather has been expressed in many moods this season. Introduction of fresh colours and diversity of style has made this year’s collection very rich. Thus, it is become difficult for the customers to choose their desired winter coat. Winter coats are meant for keeping warm, at the same time, looking fabulous. These two factors were evident in this year’s collection of winter coats. There was a time when leather coats meant only black coats. This year’s collection has proved it wrong by including so many vibrant and fresh colours in leather coat fashion.