Womens Motorcycle Vest

What types of biker vests the most popular this season -What to choose for ladies

Back in the day, when motorcycles first became popular, it was common to see men motorbike riders everywhere, sporting their best pieces of leather apparel, stealing looks from everyone around them, and making jealous all of those individuals who were far from ever riding a motorbike or sporting such attractive leather outfits. Today, times have changed and gender roles and stereotypes have changed as well. With that being said, it is important to remark that today, men are not the only ones riding motorbikes. It is more common to see women riding them. Also, motorcycle riders are not the only people out there wearing leather outfits. Even if leather outfits are commonly associated with motorcycles, today it is possible for people from all backgrounds and genders to sport a piece of leather apparel without looking weird or out of place. One of the pieces of leather apparel that was inspired by the motorcycle riders’ trends are the leather vests. Today, there are many leather vests for women in the market, and this season they have their own section at the leather apparel section of a shop, with styles that not only promise warmth and comfort, but also they ensure a stylish and fashionable look.

For those women who do not need a leather coat or a leather jacket for this cold and windy season, they might still want to get a womens motorcycle vest. This kind of vest is simple, versatile and very stylish. It is a piece of leather apparel that is easy to carry to places or add it to any outfit without any difficulty. Moreover, the styles for women are no longer as masculine as they used to be. This year, a womens motorcycle vest has everything that will make a woman feel free, independent and feminine.

Among the most popular features for the female leather vests, are the metallic buttons in the front opening. While most of the other features remain simple, discrete, and very unnoticeable, the buttons bring enough attention to the vest and the lady wearing them. Most of the vests usually have four or five metallic buttons in the closing front. When the vests come with this kind of feature, they usually come with a neck in a v-shape and a triangular cut at the bottom.

Also, just like male leather vests, a fashionable womens motorcycle vest comes with adjustable belts with buckles on each side of the vest, which enhances the look of the woman wearing it. This kind of feature highlights the shape of the vest’s bearer, and makes her feel comfortable as the vest adjusts to the shape of the person wearing it. These side adjustable belts sometimes are also substituted for laces when the style is more on the vintage side. Nonetheless, regardless of the tool used to adjust, this feature is very trendy and will certainly keep women comfortable.

This season also comes with more fun and stylish styles in colors and textures that stand out among the masses. Some of the most popular vests come in very bright shades of red, which is good for any woman who is not afraid of anything and wants everyone out there to know it. Also, there are studded vests, with metallic silver or golden studs that will steal the looks of all the men around.