Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest

How Sons of Anarchy vests changed in last years: the changing trends

“Sons of Anarchy” is surely one of the most famous TV shows around the world. In fact, its popularity can be judged by the fact that a lot of people take keen interest in the private lives of the actors, including their clothing. Since the beginning of this TV show in 2007, we have witnessed considerable changes in the dressing patterns of actors and actresses. In fact, the dressing of the stars in this show has been highly admired and appreciated and many people have followed their footsteps in this regard. In this article, we will shed some light on the vests which were recently worn by actors on the show. This will also let you get a deep insight into the latest trends regarding leather vests going on in the world of TV stars.

The recent trend in the design of Sons of Anarchy leather vest is quite unique. These vests basically feature a very attractive design which has surely impacted the hearts of many people. The front of the vests is kept plain and simple with relatively fewer pockets as well. However, the astonishing part is the back of the vest. One would be surprised to see the amazing logo of this show on the back of the vest. In fact, the "ghost" made at the back of the vest looks quite cool while you are wandering in the city on your favorite motorbike. Overall, the design of the vests is quite intriguing. This is the reason why most of these vests are already sold this season due to their high popularity as well as attractiveness.

Over the past few years we have seen how most of the Sons of Anarchy leather vest are made in dark colors. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the favorite color of these vests has been black. This is because black color signifies the "heavy" impact which the characters are supposed to make in the show. However, recently many vests of brown color have also been launched and are available in market. It is interesting how quite unique colors are chosen for these vests; these colors can match with almost all types of clothes while maintaining one's overall "gangster" looks.

The most famous among the vests of this TV show are the leather vests offered by them. Black colored vests made of pure leather look simply awesome on anyone who is fond of this look. According to the recent trend, most of these leather vests are kept quite simple. However, the real beauty and grace of these leather jackets lie in their simplicity. If you do not have one of these amazing vests, you are surely missing a lot!

It is interesting to note that the pocket design of these vests have been kept quite simple. In fact, some of the vests do not have a pocket at all! This is because plane vests look much more graceful than those with plenty of pockets. However, there are also some vests which have two simple pockets at the front top. This signifies that the overall design and look of these is quite amazing and appreciable.