Leather Vest For Women

Feminine and stylish- the exclusive range of leather vest for this season

One of the key elements in looking great this season is to dress right for the occasion. Apart from the office gigs, holiday dinners and cocktail parties, you need something hip and stylish to wear while going for shopping, taking your Pilates class and all others in between. After you’ve bought some new outfits for the winter, you’re probably contemplating on a new vest to add to your stylish wardrobe. Vests are also meant to keep you warm in this particularly cold season, so we’ve come up with the exclusive range of leather vest for women that are not only stylish but also feminine.

Leather vest with belted waist

The cinched waist is very feminine as it defines your shapely figure. Ribbed leather in pastel shades that mimics the plush bathrobes is very stylish. This also looks adorable in quilted leather and fleecy varieties with detachable hoods. If you’re opting for more casual, the muted tones will actually give you that.

Sultry low-V-neck button-down vest

Stay sexy no matter where you’re going with a buttoned leather vest in deep wine red. The low neckline will look fun and flirty that you can wear with the latest tribal inspired or animal print tops.

Leather vest with beads and gemstones

A collared grey leather vest inspired by the denim design can look feminine when studded with the colourful beads and gems in varying shapes and size. You can add pop to your white and grey outfits with the lively designs of tribal beads. Precious gold metals in hexagon, round and pyramids will make you look a little bit edgy yet still splendidly dazzling.

Fully zipped designer inspired vest

For an elegant look, a fully closed high front overlapping leather vest in black will make you look professional, versatile and glamorous enough to wear at the office or after work parties. The latest designs come with textured details such as velvet trims or patterns in square shapes.

Turtleneck vest

A form fitting turtleneck leather vest is your best outfit for the outdoor events. This can be in any of this season’s vibrant shade like aubergine, blue sapphire and teal. The way it hugs to your form make it so feminine whether you’re out in the mountains playing with snowballs. The sleekness of turtlenecks can be a perfect contrast to the latest graphic designs in this season’s wardrobe.

Criss-cross laced vest

The teasing laces that criss cross on the sides of a tight fitting leather vest will make you appear romantically feminine. This will look good in any type of supple leather for that soft effect. Wear it with the latest floral laced tops underneath or a white ruffled blouse to look like a maiden from a fairy tale that stepped into the modern time.

Round neck classic vest

The classic leather vest in round neck is made even more sophisticated and feminine with the new take on longer silhouette. This can be in the timeless shade of black worn beneath your gold sequined mini dress, studded knee-high boots and black leggings.

To become impressively feminine in any outfit, veer away from boxy shapes whether it comes with the new dress, skirt, pants or leather vest for women. The fun and sophisticated looks of this season’s vests add a glitz to your wardrobe while keeping you warm and cosy figuratively or literally.