Harley Davidson Leather Vest

The top 5 of branded leather vest of this season

All of the brands this season have launched an amazing set of leather garments for their customers. Most of these launched products can be categorized as being quite good. However, as the number of brands increase, there is a lot of competition in the market which makes it quite difficult for you guys to choose the best product out there. In this regard, this article with give you a deep insight into the best branded leather vests available in the market this season. Following are the top 5 branded leather vests this season.

Harley Davidson leather vest

The latest vest offered by Harley Davidson this season is the "Men's tradition leather vest". This is surely one of the best leather vests offered this season. The vest is made up of thick, pure leather with a "V-shaped" neck. There are two pockets at the front which you could use for carrying stuff or even for keeping your hands warm. One of the best features offered by this vest is the side lacing which lets you adjust the length of the vest according to your requirement. The back side of the vest is also plain and looks quite graceful due to the thick shiny leather. This Harley Davidson leather vest is offered in black color and looks simply mesmerizing on anyone who opts to wear it.

Ralph Lauren Quilted Nolton Vest

This is another amazing masterpiece offered by the Ralph Lauren Corporation. This vest is available in pure black color with diamond-shaped lining all over it. It comprises of a zip at the front and a ban-shaped collar which looks quite amazing with this look. There are two pockets in this vest; one at the right and the other one at the left. Although the vest is quite light, it still tends to keep you warm at low temperatures. No matter what outfit are you wearing this vest with, it will look simply awesome.

Vintage leather vest

The vintage leather vest this season has also made its way to the top vests due to its unique look and style. The vest is made of pure leather and is available in shiny black color. The vest features a V-shaped neck and two pockets at the bottom. There is no zip, however, in the vest. This means that the vintage leather vest this season comes with a set of big buttons for the closure of the vest. Overall, the design of this product is quite intriguing.

Wilson's leather vest

If you are in search of a unique vest with a different style and an attractive color, the Wilson's leather vest is surely the best choice for you. This vest has been made of thick leather and comes in brown color only. This color looks quite good with the overall theme of this vest. The overall shape of the vest is also a bit different, with pointed edges at the bottom and sides.

Harvey Davidson Swat II leather vest

This is another amazing vest by Harvey Davidson which has made its way to the top. It is also available in black color, with a tough and unique look. It is made of quite thick leather and comprises of a number of straps and pockets to help you carry stuff. You can also adjust the width and length of this jacket according to your convenience. This jacket has a really rough look and is best for teenagers and young adults.