Motorcycle Apparel

Every biker must have list of apparels- the best branded accessories to have this season

There is several branded motorcycle apparel that are important and every biker must have them because they are of significance. Apart from them showcasing fashion and style, they ensure that one is comfortable and presentable and well protected. The best branded accessories of this season include:

The Quilted Mittens

They are fundamental especially in the winter season since they offer the desired warmth. The mittens are made of pure leather and the inner layer is made of polyester lining. The faux trim on the outer part gives the desired warmth when worn. Moreover the mitten has a metal badge that is uniquely designed. The mittens coordinate perfectly well with the quilted aviator. There are several colors that are available and one can opt for the black, brown, white or grey quilted leather mittens.

Vest extenders

This is one of the accessories that are worth trying out because of the ample style that they have. The vest extenders are made of genuine leather snap tabs and have an additional bar and shield cover. Apart from this the snap covers have an antique shape with chain extenders. The advantage of this accessory is that they offer ease when used and improve on the comfort of whoever has them on. The most preferred color is usually black though there are several colors like brown and grey. They usually come in pairs and are therefore a piece worth giving the try.

Leather tote

It is a type of leather handbag that is well accessorized with suede side fringes. In addition the leather tote is made of cowhide leather and the inner lining is made of pure cotton. To add on its classy and elegant look, it is embroidered with graphics that have a shot of crystals. This branded accessory matches perfectly well with all the biker apparels bringing out a brandish look.

The pebble hip bag

This stylish bag is made of genuine leather and it has unique snap hooks that are attached to the belt hooks and are detachable. The interior of the bag has three pockets that have zippers and the front part of the hip bag has a flap that acts as the closure. The advantage of this bag is that can be carried with ease and the extra beading on the side of the bag improves its appearance and makes it quite attractive. Its simplicity makes it more attractive and it’s preferable among most of the women bikers.

The quilted leather aviator

The quilted leather aviator is made of pure leather on the outer side while the inner part is made of faux far trim that ensures one is kept warm. In addition it has a metal badge on the left side with shades of polyester. The advantage of the aviator is that it is waterproof and can therefore be worn in the rainy and the cold season. Moreover, the leather aviator can be worn together with the leather helmet and this ensures that the bikers are offered extra protection and comfort. It is evident that it is popular in the market because of its design and the fact that it is a fashionable and simplified type of hat.

This motorcycle apparel is quite important for all the bikers and they are an indication that they are also cautious about the advancements in terms of fashion and style.