Saddle Bags

New styles and patterns of motorcycle saddle bags this season: the top 5 trends

At present, saddlebags are made out of real leather, synthetic leather, plastic, nylon, etc. Like other types of accessories related to bike, the leather saddlebags are available in the market with diverse quality as well as features under diverse cost range. The top 5 motorcycle saddlebags of modern styles and patterns that belong to the current fashion trend, are:

 • Easy Lock System Saddlebag

This Saddlebag offers Easy Lock system along with a rigid structure It is very helpful while carrying bulky luggage. It also offers weight advantages for the soft luggage. This saddlebag can be locked and unlocked easily. It offers about 18 to 28 liters luggage carrying capacity. It can be expandable if additional space is required. This item is provided with installation instructions for yoke attachment, chrome system saddlebag supports as well as adjustment hardware. The dimensions of these saddle bags standard

 • Deluxe Saddlebags

This type motorcycle saddlebags offer a stylish appearance along with great usefulness in luggage carrying matter. It includes layered lid along with a spacious zippered system side pouche that cooperatively carry a good amount of luggage. Its sturdy internal reinforcement can maintain the shape of the saddlebag with lids. Even if during the wet seasons, the contents remain clean, safe and dry due to the weather flaps and turn hasps along with a mini size security. These inclusions are attached to the zippered opening/closure system. Moreover, in this deluxe motorcycle saddlebag, the flexible yoke system helps the rider in easy installation of this saddlebag to the motorcycle.

 • Compact Braided Saddlebags

The perimeter of this saddlebag has been outlined by three strands of braided design. It offers a bunch of useful features, such as, buckles that facilitate quick release, yokes and zip off system, sewn-in style fixed carry handles, etc. This saddlebag also includes plastic reinforcing system that maintains shape retention. This saddlebag has been made out of high quality synthetic leather. Moreover, it offers universal fitment to motorcycles. It’s dimensions are: 12" x 9.5" x 5.5". Adding to these, this biker accessories offer a quick-release kit that supports easy removal of the saddlebag from the bike.

 • Racing Saddlebags

This racing saddlebag has been made out of semi-rigid materials along with foam shell. It offers a unique and useful water-resistant zipper system that has made this saddlebag compatible for using during the nasty weather. Moreover, the nylon built straps keeps the saddlebag secure. These racing saddle bags also offer interior mesh pockets, trendy 3-D accents, zippered system expansions, etc. In this saddlebag, the formed shell style opening has been provided with a stylish three -sided zipper system.

 • Touring Saddlebag

This type saddlebag is compatible for most of the motorcycles. This bag does not lose it’s shape when it is left empty. If the rider needs additional space, then the zipper system can be released that will expand the bag towards upward. The dimensions are: are standard. It can carry up to 22 to 26 liters on each side. It provides dual side quick opening by top zippers. It’s reflective piping provides added visibility. Moreover, the standard buckle inclusions of this saddlebag provides extra strength. The heat shield saves the bottom portion of this saddlebag in preventing pipe burn