Bike Saddle Bags

Practicality of bike saddlebag and the new design trends for this Fall-winter collection

No rider of a motorcycle these days wishes to get out of his or her home and get on the road with a proper outfit that is missing a saddlebag. Saddlebags are important fashion garments that not only enhance the look of a rider, but they help to keep stuff neat and organize regardless of how wild the road is. Today, saddlebags are available in different shapes, sizes, styles, and even different colors. They can certainly help you carry stuff you might need during an emergency such as knives, scissors, and other tools that will help you in the wilderness. As the fall and winter seasons reach us, motorcycle riders will likely not like to hit the road without any of the new bike saddle bags available in the market today.

The new styles of bike saddle bags are known for being detachable. They come with chromed buckle openings, edges that are braided, stitches, and many other outstanding features that make them attractive to the eyes of people around, but an improvement for the season, is the ability of detachment. Truth is, such improvement was necessary, given the fact that riders need to have easy access to their saddlebags. Some of them are detached through the use of a zip of detachment, and some others are detachable through hidden handles. Regardless of which one you pick, they will certainly be accessible whenever you need them. Some of these detachable saddlebags are bulky and robust, but do not let that look fool you, because even though they might seem a little big, they are still very practical to use.

Another trendy improvement for the season is the resistance to water. Many of the bike saddle bags in the market today are waterproof. This improvement takes away the worries of riders who might face rains and storms during their journey in the wilderness. Riders can even jump in the water and not have to worry about their stuff getting wet or rusty, because the water-resistant saddlebags will protect all of the tools inside. Moreover, the waterproof saddlebags come with a back support, which makes them stronger and improves their endurance.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that fashion is always a priority when it comes to leather materials, especially if we are talking about motorcycle riders. For that reason, studded saddlebags are also a fashion statement for the fall and winter seasons. This kind of saddlebag comes with many stitches around the edges, without compromising its easiness to access its belts and many times, even to detach it and keep the objects inside protected against water. This kind of saddlebag, therefore, is not only trendy, but it is also very efficient.

Last but not least, for those riders who have gone the vintage path, there are now saddlebags that are made with distressed leather material, which make them a good fit for the timeless outfits of many riders out there. The distressed leather saddlebags have everything the other bags have: a pair of buckles, frontal studs that are made out of steel, and protective material that keeps your tools safe. Moreover, this kind of saddlebag expels any worry about scratches and further damage, as its look already calls for a rough and old-looking style.