X Men First Class Leather Jacket

The TOP 5 movies which set fashion trends in celebrity jackets this season

To create a trendy look, a movie superhero jacket can play an amazing role. The top 5 movie superheroes jacket collection that have made the mark this season are as follows:

 • Leather Jacket of Movie Limitless

Bradley Cooper has worn this Leather Jacket in the role of Eddie Morra in the Hollywood movie titled ‘Limitless’. This hand-made long-length jacket has been produced from real leather. This ultra soft jacket provides great comfort to the wearer. The double stitch design and polyester Lining enhances durability. The jacket looks amazing for the collar less system. This jacket is available in black color. The YKK style branded Zipper opening/closure system has made this celebrity wear more stylish. The two front-side pocket on the waist area as well as two interior pockets have made this jacket more useful. Adding to these, in this celebrity jacket, the bottom closure design on the cuff sleeves makes the wearer look smart.

 • Leather Jacket in Dark Knight Rises Movie

The famous Hollywood film star Tom Hardy has worn leather jacket in the Hollywood movie “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”. This celebrity jacket has been prepared from 100% real leather. This brown leather jacket offers fastening design system with 7 numbers of large size buttons. This jacket also offers polyester lining. This celebrity leather jacket also offers a fur collar. Moreover, it includes belted button system Cuffs, which enhances the flavor of dignity and strong influence of the wearer. Four numbers of pockets placed on the front side have complemented the design of this leather jacket. This leather jacket also offers two numbers of inside pockets.

 • Havoc Style Leather Jacket in Xmen First Class

This X Men First Class Leather Jacket has been worn in the Hollywood movie titled ‘Xmen First Class’ game. This soft touch jacket is available in both shiny black color and gorgeous blown color. It looks really gorgeous with a nice design that has been prepared from top quality lambskin. This jacket offers high quality stitching. It ensures high durability through the double stitched fabric containing black colored satin lining. The wearer will enjoy storing essential gadgets in the two front-side hand warmer pocket systems. The remarkable feature of this jacket is the zippered system design inclusions on the front side panels, both side sleeves as well as on the outside pockets. The nice combinations of zip closure system have made this X Men First Class Leather Jacket unique.

 • Real Leather Jacket in “Django Unchained”

This jacket had been worn by Jemie Foxx in the Holywood movie “Django Unchained”. These jackets have been produced from high quality real leather. Interestingly, this jacket is available in amazing green color. The Neat stitching has added great beauty to this jacket. This jacket contains two numbers of side pockets placed in the waist along with two inside pockets. The wearer will look smart with the lapel style collar design. The sleeve cuffs of this jacket contains open hem design. Another amazing feature is the button closure system placed on the front side. Adding to these, the jacket bears viscose lining along with double stitching in all over the jacket-body.

 • Leather Jacket in “Fast and Furious 6”

Vin Diesel has worn this jacket in the movies titled as ‘Fast and Furious 6’. It has been made up from 100% genuine type cowhide leather. This jacket is available in gorgeous black. The most amazing feature of this suit is the inclusion of stand-up collar type design-cut. This celebrity Jacket has 2 zippered system hand warmer pockets on the chest area. A full-length YKK branded zippered closing/opening system is added on the front side. This jacket also contains two pockets on the interior area. Besides these, it offers Button Fastening style Cuffs Sleeve. This jacket offers top quality stitching that ensures the highest level of durability.