Tom Cruise Leather Jacket

Top actors and their Top iconic jackets this season: the top 6

Actors show us example of style and good taste. If you want to impress people, be in the center of attention and look like celebrity, you can choose one of famous leather jackets from your favorite film. Look like star it’s easy today, just choose a model and image for you.

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous stars of Hollywood. In his films we saw many wonderful images and many fans want to look like him. The most known jacket from his movies that became already iconic is Fight club jacket. An image of dangerous and totally free man dressed in red leather attract many people and it will be good possibility to change your image, add some free notes to your daily look. If you wear it with red glasses, attention is guaranteed. Double-breasted jacket with buttons closure, big out pockets and straight lines will underline advantages of your body. If you want to choose image of actor and not of his personage, Brad Pitt always shows great sense of style, you can see it on beige model of leather jacket with straight lines combines with beige jeans. You will look great in such costume.

Tom Cruise leather jacket became iconic many years ago, but this season it gets enormous popularity, because biker style and garment from leather are in trend more than before. If you like biker style, you can stop on wonderful Tom Cruise leather jacket made from dark brown leather with many logos on sleeves. On this model you can also see rich embroidery in the best biker traditions, contrast strips on collar, shoulders and sleeves and metal buttons for decoration. This jacket has comfortable oblique zipper closure and inner pockets. If you prefer more classic variants, you can choose Tom Cruise jacket from War of Worlds or Jack Reacher image. You will look stylish and manfully, if you have doubts about color, choose brown variant, it will match any person and this color is in trend this season.

Daniel Craig leather jacket wins the third place. It’s very elegant garment from Skyfall. Story about legendary spy is always popular and the main character has millions of fans. If you want to look like hero who save the world and wins hearts of beautiful women at the same time, you can try elegant leather jacket with elegant cut and decorative belt will match any garment. Glance leather will make your look bright and notable.

Hugh Jackman played many characters, but one of the most noted is a character of supernatural Wolverine from X-men. Many parts of this film our favorite hero looks great in leather jacket and now you can look like him. You can see models of such jacket in black, brown, dark-green and dark-blue colors. Also designers propose khaki variant, beige one and red for original and creative people. Contrast light strips on sleeves and waist give bright look to this biker jacket.

Bradley Cooper has more and more popularity and his role in Limitless made impression of many fans. We see how a person can change and from looser and always drunk unhappy man our hero transfers into successful, smart and strong man who can do anything. His black leather jacket with stylish high stand collar, decorative metal buttons and inner pockets will give you very elegant look.

Nicolas Cage leather jacket from Ghost rider is the bet variant for people who can’t live without motorcycle. Imagine yourself in black leather jacket with metal spikes, buttons, oblique zipper and large belt! Being very handsome and dangerous it’s easy with jacket from movie with Nikolas Cage.