Surrogates Jacket

The 5 most popular movie jackets of this season: what to buy

This season, the most popular jackets inspired by movies is not only the ones from movies that came out in the last year, but there are also popular picks inspired in movies from other years. With that in mind, here is a list that gives you an insight into the most popular movie jackets of the season.

 • X-men Jackets

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an X-men? Well, you can start by getting your hands on one of the X-men jackets. You can choose from characters such as Cyclops and Wolverine, or Storm and Rouge. Every character had his or her own leather jacket, and you can have one, too. Wolverine, for example, was known for wearing many jackets. One of the most famous one is the brown one with light brown stripes along the elbows. This choice is good for anyone who enjoys riding motorcycles and deal with troublemakers all around. On the other hand, if you look for something more discrete and down to Earth, you can consider Cyclops’ jacket. His jacket has the X-men leather jacket signature, which is a pair of red and white vertical stripes along the dark leather jacket.

 • Surrogates Jacket

The movie Surrogates came out in 2009, but the Surrogates jacket is still famous to this day. Bruce Willis was its original bearer. The jacket made him look good in all the action sequences of the film. The way the Surrogates jacket stands out among others is by its faded leather finishing, with a bold metallic closing zipper in front and a flapped neck. This jacket is more suitable for people who look to achieve a careless and more casual look.

 • The Fault in Our Stars Jacket

The first time Augustus and Hazel had a conversation in The Fault in Our Stars,we saw Augustus pretending to smoke a cigarette, and entering into a discussion about it with Hazel. However, something else that is memorable from that scene is the brown leather jacket worn by Augustus. He wore a brown leather jacket with messy hair, a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. The guy looked attractive to Hazel with no doubt and it is in part due to the fact that he wore this leather jacket.

 • The Aviator Jacket

When you think of the word “vintage” you probably picture something odd looking and outdated. However, this season, the word vintage is synonymous to fashion and trend. Hollywood made a vintage leather jacket famous through the making of the film The Aviator.In it, we saw Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a light caramel brown leather jacket in an aviator style. The jacket has overlapping flaps around the neck, and a larger flap that serves as a cover. The look it accomplishes is something simple, vintage, and trendy.

 • Tron Jacket

Lastly but not least, we have the Tron jacket, made popular by Garret Hedlund as he played the intrepid Sam Flynn in the 2010 movie. He wore a simple, yet fashionable and trendy leather jacket. This one comes with lower pockets in the front, on each side of the jacket and it has a bold closing zipper in front. Moreover, the leather jacket has a lining made out of polyester, which makes it comfortable and warm. The jacket is best worn with casual outfits, especially with a hooded sweater put underneath.