Star Trek Jacket

What new in movie character and actor jackets this season: the top 5

Hollywood gives us so many films every year that we can’t stop admiring our favorite actors, their play and style. Some heroes became real icon for fashion industry and millions of fans want to look like their heroes. Every year we see new stars appearing on screen and new faces and images attract people of all generations.

This season we see many models of leather jackets inspired by movie characters. The first place belongs many years to Brad Pitt and his image from Fight Club. Example of wild, dangerous and manfully hero looks especially bright in red leather double-breasted jacket. Now designers propose red, black, brown and grey variants. There are two the most popular models, the first one is one color jacket with big pockets and buttons closure and the second variant has two strips of light color on sleeves and shoulders. The second variant looks better with sport style or it can serve you like a biker jacket. As for the first one, you can wear it with any garment, it looks very stylish and elegant.

Star trek jacket looks great not only on young people, it’s a good variant for people who want to join style with comfort. It will help you to look like John Triberus, a model with round collar and zipper closure will be good companion for you in any time of year. Patch pockets, lines on sleeves, small pockets on them and textured soft leather make an effect of freedom and harmony. Star trek jacket will help you to create unusual image and look great on work or on the party. The best variant is of course, black model, but this season designers also propose dark-brown model, you can stop on such variant and be sure that it will be easily combined with any your garment.

Ghost rider jacket is wonderful variant for people who can’t live without bike or just want to have free and wild notes in wardrobe. Such jacket will look great on every man. Double-breasted jacket from soft leather with oblique zipper and large collar is made in the best traditions of biker jackets. This season biker style is very popular, so, you will look great in such jacket even if you combine it with pants from business suit. Don’t worry, this season such combination is welcomed.

Women have very big choice of wonderful models. You can choose classic look from I robot, you can choose bright model of yellow color from Kill bill, but this season one of the most popular jackets is a leather jacket from Captain America 2 that we saw on Scarlett Johanson. It looks very stylish and it will underline your beauty perfectly. This season designers propose to pay more attention to bright colors, so, if you choose such model of bright blue, green, or red color, t will be very good choice. Women who prefer more classic variant can stop on brown model, this color is in rend this season. Black decorative buttons, belts on collar and sleeves give this jacket impressive and original look. Every woman wants to try an image of hero’s girlfriend and in such jacket you have such possibility.

War of the worlds leather jacket attracted sights of fans at once when this movie appeared on screens. Tom Cruise showed us that saving lives it’s necessary to be dressed in comfortable garment that won’t limit your movements and that will look good with any other part of wardrobe. Light strips make necessary stylish contrast and underline strict lines of shoulders. Thanks to big inner pockets you will feel very comfortable.