Smallville Jacket

What’s the most popular among superhero fans this season: The top 5

The superhero jackets have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Many people ranging from children to adults now opt for their favorite superhero clothes. This is because people love the feeling of wearing the favorite superhero clothes. In this regard, there are a number of superhero jackets this season which are simply mesmerizing. These jackets have been designed in such a way that you can wear them with different clothes. Some of them are quite casual while others give a very professional look. However, there are some amazing jackets which have won the hearts of everyone. In this regard, let us have a look at some of the most famous and amazing superhero jackets which one could find this season.

 •  Superman Smallville jacket

The red superman smallville jacket this season has taken away the breaths of many people. This pure red jacket, with a Superman logo located at the center, features an amazing look which is admired by many. The jacket is made up of synthetic leather. One amazing feature of this jacket it that it is collarless, allowing you to close the zip right till the top. This jacket is also available in black color, and looks equally amazing in that color as well. It would not be wrong to say that the Smallville jacket is the perfect delight for superman followers this season.

 • Wolverine Movie leather jacket

The Wolverine movie jacket is one of the jackets which are the most famous amongst Marvel superhero fans. This jacket is the exact replica of the jacket worn by wolverine in one of Marvel’s movies. The Wolverine jacket is made of pure, thick leather and is available in brown color. The jacket comprises of a number of orange lines, which make a very amazing combination with the brown color of the jacket. So if you are fond of Wolverine and are looking forward to having a jacket with a tough look, this jacket is surely the best choice for you.

 • Batman Symbol Letterman Jacket

Now when we are talking about superhero fans, how can the fans of Batman be any less enthusiastic? Well, this season the Batman Symbol letterman jacket has also gained popularity amongst college and school students. The jacket is quite simple with a logo of Batman on the top left. However, the real beauty of this jacket lies in its simplicity. The Batman fans this season will not regret buying this jacket at all.

 • Captain America Leather jacket

This is another thick leather jacket with an amazing look. The jacket features an amalgamation of blue and light grey color, which looks simple amazing. In fact, the jacket is quite thick from inside in order to keep you warm. You will be amazed by the star at the center of the jacket. Undoubtedly, you will look no less than the real Captain America after wearing this amazing and perfectly designed jacket.

 • X-Men days of future past leather jacket

This jacket is a delight for all X-men fans. This X-men jacket is available in plane black color with orange strips on top. The jacket is thick and is made up of pure leather. If you are looking for a casual jacket which makes you remind of your favorite superhero, then this jacket is highly recommended for you.