Marlon Brando Leather Jacket

Celebrities actors who changed fashion trends for bikers: the best of Movie biker jackets

Biker movement has rich and old culture, this year it has enormous popularity. Biker jacket was always a part of necessary equipment, but its design changed with years. Movies about motorcycles and bikers came into screens and got love of million fans. With them we see influence to the fashion world. Who were the heroes who changed style of entire generations?

First of all, we can’t forget about Marlon Brando. In 1953 a movie with him “The wild one” attracted many sights and it was a start of extreme popularity of motorcycle jacket. Marlon Brando leather jacket has many fans even now and you can easily find this comfortable and stylish garment. Black soft leather, oblique zipper, metal decorations and inner pockets give very stylish look to this jacket. If you need real good classic jacket for impressive look on your motorcycle, nothing can be better than Marlon Brando leather jacket. Black is classic variant, but this season you can pay attention to brown variant, it’s trend of this season. Marlon Brando leather jacket became already a legend and though we see new parts in this jacket, it saved original stylish look and it gives to owner atmosphere of freedom and wildness.

John Travolta looked so great and stylish in “Grease” with his partner, Olivia Newton-John that it was impossible do not fall in love in their style. They showed perfectly how cool can be wearing leather and these jackets meant not only belonging to motorcycle culture, tit was manifest of hole life-style. The end of 70-s are known like time of freedom in minds and this film made big publicity to leather jackets. Big collars, zippers, metal decorations on pockets and belts, leather jacket of John Travolta from this film is made in the best traditions of biker style.

Mel Gibson n “Mad Max” made real furor with his leather jacket. It changed a picture of classic leather jacket and showed new possibilities. Very large collar, unusual decorative elements on shoulders that underline manfully of owner, especially in combination with biker leather gloves create really impressive image.

When “Terminator” appeared on screens, he became icon of biker style at once. Black wonderful jacket with glance effect underlines straight line of shoulders and even man looks like real hero in such jacket. Metal buttons, oblique zipper, zippers on sleeves and large belt, decorative buttons on pocket and contrast color of thread make this jacket real icon of style even now. It’s called vintage must have jacket and every biker will look great in it.

Tom Cruise gave new look and new style to traditional biker jacket. Only with his appearance in film Top Gun bomber jackets were started to use like biker jacket. Designers propose such jacket in different colors, the most popular are black, brown, grey and dark-green variant. Of course, it’s much more comfortable to wear dark jacket, but if you want to get elegant and original look, you can wear a light sand or beige leather jacket on ton Cruise. Bomber jacket with multicolored logos and embroideries looks very good with any garment, but the best variant is to wear it with cloth in casual style. But Tom Cruise gave o biker culture not only one idea of new style in biker jacket. One of last films of this actor “Oblivion” gives us very interesting modern model. Dark-green or white leather jacket with textured sleeves and body looks like an affair from the future. If you want to have fantastic look on your bike and look like superstar, it’s the best variant for you.