Layer Cake Jacket

Always a fashion trendsetter: Brad Pitt and his popular movie jackets.

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous stars of Hollywood and many people try to look like him. List of his most popular images is enormous. But if you want to choose stylish and fashionable leather jacket, you can take ideas from films with your favorite actor and look great. In daily life actor like Daniel Craig prefers layer cake jacket that helps him to look stylish in any situation and place. In films we see a lot of interesting models that can match you.

A jacket that became iconic is red double-breasted leather jacket from “Fight Club”. Many years already this model saves popularity and it will look great on every man. Being rather long this jacket can also serve you like a coat and it will save you very good from cold and wind, plus, you will have extremely stylish look in it. Red color makes you very bright and length of this jacket and out pockets gives you a very elegant look. There are variants of different colors, if you need something not too bright, you can choose black or dark-brown variant.

If you prefer something more conservative, the same film proposes another variant of leather jacket. It’s a shorter model made from soft leather performed in two colors. Designers propose different variants and you are free to choose combination that you like, classic black and white or bright black and red. Two strips on sleeves and one large strip on shoulders make necessary accent on large men shoulders and muscles. Every man will look strong in such jacket. Two inner pockets in waist will give you comfort and they won’t influence hole image. This jacket can be worn as biker jacket and also as a part of daily look, it’s easy to combine this model with all garment styles.

“The curious case of Benjamin Button” is a great nominated on Oscar film and it’s not surprising that images from this film are so popular. Brad Pitt impressed all the people with his great play, but also he impressed us with three very interesting leather jackets that we saw on him during transformation. The first one is iconic biker jacket, made in brown color, with metal buttons and large belt of waist. Double-breasted model from textured leather looks great and gives you not only stylish look, but comfort. In the film we see Brad Pitt on wonderful Indian motorcycle and the people who adore motorcycles admit that this jacket looks like created for road and traveling. The second model is Button blouson jacket. It’s warmer variant with knitter waist and cuffs, it will give you extra comfort and warmth even in cold winter. This jacket is rather short, but it has very elegant design. Two out pockets, hidden zipper, and combination of glance leather with knitted parts make this model universal. If you want to have very warm jacket, you can stop on the last variant from “The curious case of Benjamin Button”, elegant jacket with large collar from wool, three buttons closure and four pockets. It’s very warm and stylish variant, if you want to combine comfort with warmth.

It’s impossible to forget about famous jacket from “Killing them softly”. Brad Pitt plays serious role of killer, smart, cold and dangerous man. If you want to have impressive look, such black leather jacket with button closure is just for you. Double-breasted fitted model is created to underline advantages of your body. Of course, if you prefer only business look, you can take image of actor and wear very elegant leather layer cake jacket. Especially luxury is beige model that we saw on Brad Pitt in fashion magazines.