John Lennon Jacket

The iconic jackets from Music world: what’s a must have

Music world stars not only follow fashion recommendations, they create style of hole generations, they propose stylish and unconventional images, creative and bright, strong and wild, romantic and tender… You can express yourself choosing any image of favorite star. Before people thought that leather can be presented only in rock style, today we see that almost all celebrities have in wardrobe some garments from this material. Leather jacket is called “must have” of this season, but what model to choose?

There are stars who changed music and fashion world, who inspired and impressed generations, won hearts of millions. Michael Jackson was icon of fashion and his images still have enormous popularity. It’s difficult to find person who doesn’t like his songs, follow his style is good idea this season, because this year we see tendency of using bright colors on podiums. So, his stylish orange leather jacket with contrast black pieces will give you creative and original look. It has zip and button closure that will give you extra comfort and stylish look. Black large strip going from black belt to shoulders, make V on the back. Sleeves are also decorated with black strip, so, if you worry that orange won’t match you, black details help you to combine this jacket with any garment. If you prefer something more traditional, there is wonderful Michael Jackson leather jacket made in black and white colors, it’s decorated with many zippers and inner pockets with zipper closure. It can be wonderful biker jacket and serve you in trips.

Beatles were icon of fashion in 60-s and 70-s, but even now their models and style inspire designers. Retro style is more than popular today, so, if you want to be on top of fashion, John Lennon jacket from soft leather is just for you. Made in black or dark-brown color with button closure and big our pockets on chest it looks very modern and stylish. In John Lennon jacket you will look like real star on any party. This season you can also see models of such jacket made from suede, but of course, leather is more traditional variant. Retro style has special elegance that it’s impossible to see in modern jackets, so if you are looking for high class jacket, it’s your variant.

Modern world gives us new faces and new stars. Young people have own icons of style and between them we can call Justin Bieber. All Around The World leather jacket already became one of “must have” in wardrobe of stylish and original person. Oblique zipper, rich metal decorations, line of metal buttons on sleeves, collar and on closure on inner pocket make this garment really impressive. You can wear it like biker jacket, it will serve you very good in any trip or you can easily combine it with daily garment and add wild notes to your image. Look like pop-star or rock-star is easy today.

Women also have big choice of fantastic models, open, beautiful, stylish leather jackets are real “must have” of this season. You can see many bright models, but one of the most popular, called icon of style belongs to Britney Spears Till the world ends leather jacket, that has aggressive and very feminine features. You can show your character with it and impress people with big count of metal spikes. Large collar all covered with metal, big belt, oblique zipper closure will make your look impressive. If you think that it looks too aggressive, you can wear it with light romantic dress with flower print; it’s real trend of this season.