Inception Leather Jacket

Leather clothing trends made popular by Hollywood movies this season: the top 5

If you want to look stylish and be like superstar, you must be very attentive with everything that you wear. This season we see a lot of new trends that were inspired by Hollywood stars and our favorite movies. Leather was always in trend, but what special this season prepares for us?

One of the most popular trends of this season is textured leather, mosaic combination and biker style in all types of garments. Wonderful example of a leather jacket made from textured leather is I Am Legend jacket. Hero of Will Smith look really impressive and manfully in this garment and this season we see a lot of models with using of the same material. Biker style today will look great on any person, every type of body and every age. So, wearing such jacket, you will make good choice. If you want to wear something really impressive and look very stylish in biker jacket, you can stop on famous Ghost rider leather jacket with big number of decorative metal buttons, spikes and oblique zipper. One of trends of this season is a combination of such leather jacket with official or business garment. So, if you worry that it won’t match your office style, don’t worry, this season choosing such combination you will look very trendy. If you adore motorcycles, such jacket is just created for you. An image of supernatural hero who is not afraid to fight with demons will match you very good.

The other one trend that we must mention is brown color leather jacket. Inspired by films like Inception or The curious case of Benjamin Button, brown color is actual today like never before. Inception leather jacket has very rich shadow is brown color with red shadows. It’s wonderful model for people who like casual style. This season you can chose any shadow of brown and be sure that it will look very stylish and trendy. Inception leather jacket looks very elegant and it will look great with any pants, even with office ones. So, if you want to have elegant look, it’s good choice for you. If you prefer brown color with shabby effect and you want to combine two best trends, biker style and brown color, you can stop on Curious case of Benjamin Button jacket. We mean a model warn by Brad Pitt driving Indian motorcycle. Metal buttons for decorations, big out pockets, belt on waist, this jacket has all attributes of beautiful biker jacket.

One of the most trends of this season is combination of contrast colors. If you want to play with contrast, you can stop on Tom Cruise leather jacket from War of the Worlds or Fight Club jacket. The first model show us wonderful example of combination of dark-brown color with white strips on sleeves. The second model looks also great with white strip on shoulders and all length of sleeves. Both these jackets will underline strong line of shoulders and you will be able to wear them like biker jackets. You must just choose the one that you like more.

Bright colors are in trend this season and designers propose do not hide your personality and show rich world of your fantasy. If you are not afraid to be in the center of attention, choose red jacket from Fight club or green and white jacket from Oblivion. Women also have wonderful possibility to use image of pone of the brightest movies of Hollywood. Kill Bill leather jacket will make every woman bright, strong and very attractive.