Hunger Games Jacket

The new colors and patterns of this season ladies celebrity jackets

In this season there are a number of celebrity jackets that are specifically designed for the ladies. These leather jackets are inspired by the celebrities who are ladies and the truth is that they are worth trying out because of the glamorous look that most of these leather jackets have. There are those types that are uniquely designed and they include:

Victoria Beckham leather jacket

The outer look of the leather jacket is quite appealing in that the collar of the leather jacket is pointed and there are multiple buttons at the front part of the leather jacket. Apart from them acting as a closure, they offered a stylish look because they are distinctly placed. The outer two pockets are flapped while the one of the two inner pockets has a zipper closure. The leather jacket is made cowhide leather an indication that it is highly durable. Moreover the black color gives it advantage over the rest of the collections because it can be worn with any attire and to all the occasions.

Halle Berry Biker leather jacket

This leather jacket is made of soft sheep leather and is therefore of high quality and quite durable. In addition the leather jacket has button closure and the buttons are silvered giving you the opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Moreover the leather jacket has a collar that is banned and the side pockets have flaps. The inner pockets have zippers and the inner lining is made of viscose that ensures high comfort. Apart from the comfort the jacket is considered as one of the best that there is in the market today because of the diverse colors that are available in the market. Moreover the black color of the biker jackets increases its ratings when it comes to diversity and popularity.

The hunger games leather jacket

The hunger games jacket is described as the lightweight leather jacket and is made of nylon. The leather jacket is black in color but it has grey straps that are located on the surface of the leather jacket. The leather jacket has a detachable hood and is therefore appropriate in the rainy season. The leather jacket has a zipper closure with a snap flap overlay. The hunger games jacket also has silvered buttons that gives it an additional stylish look. The leather jacket can be worn to different occasions and it can comfortably be matched with any attire because of its color. The leather jacket is quite popular because of the simplicity in terms of design but the impressive look that it brings out.

Jennifer Lawrence leather jacket

This leather jacket is considered as one of the highly sophisticated because of its unique design and the general outer look. The leather jacket is brown in color and it is made of cowhide leather. There are two pockets on the waist region and they have flaps. The front closure is zipped and there are two inner pockets with zips. The flap like collar ensures that one is comfortable and the straps on the shoulder flatter the outer look of the leather jacket. The importance of the leather jacket is that it can be worn to both the casual and the official occasions without being out of place.