Howard Hughes jacket

The HOT 5 of celebrity collection of outwear this season

Celebrities are out in the streets; rocking amazing and good looking outwear outfits this season. It makes sense if you are at home, looking at their photos, wanting to accomplish their look by looking for the pieces of apparel they wear. The number of celebrities wandering in the famous streets of the world seems infinite, but in this article we’ll reduce the number down to the five most popular ones.

 • Howard Hughes Jacket

This season is all about vintage clothing. Maybe you never considered this, but instead of getting the common and simple black leather jackets that everyone gets, you could go for something more trendy and fashionable such as the brown leather vintage jackets, like the Howard Hughes jacket, which is a caramel brown leather jacket, with overlapping flaps along the neck and the closing area. To enhance the vintage look, it is best to wear it with a white button down shirt underneath and some dark jeans. A black tie would definitely help the look if you add it to the white button down shirt underneath. Also, if you want something a little more casual, you can still wear it with a white t-shirt underneath. Perhaps you would think that something such as the Howard Hughes jacket is so outdated, but the truth is that vintage clothing is trending this season.

 • Taylor Lautner Jacket

Lautner has become a celebrity widely spoken about after the release of the Twilightsaga in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Since then until today, women have chased after him, and many men are looking to be like him. If that’s your case, then you must consider getting a leather jacket like the one Taylor Lautner wears. It is a black leather jacket with a closing zipper in the middle, and flapped neck. It goes best with a casual outfit, as Lautner wears it, with jeans and plain t-shirts.

 • Josh Hutcherson Jacket

The Twilight saga ended, but The Hunger Gamesone just sparked a fire worldwide. With it, its stars became a popular sensation and today many people seek to dress like the stars of the well-known action film. Josh Hutcherson, the male lead of the saga, has been seen on the streets, wearing a hooded black leather jacket. The hood is warm and cozy, and its interior is grey, which contrasts the overall look of the jacket. It has a closing zipper in the center and asymmetrical zippers all around.

 • Ansel Elgort Jacket

Perhaps you are not familiar with the name “Ansel Elgort.” However, media is surely familiar with it. Some of the popular media outlets are even calling him the man of the year. The truth is, you probably know who he is, you just do not know his name. He is the lead male role in The Fault in our Stars.Elgort was first seen in that movie with a brown leather jacket, while pretending to be smoking a cigarette, which he was not. It is a brown leather jacket with flapped neck and a bold closing zipper line.

 • Vin Diesel Jacket

The Fast & Furious franchise is far from coming to an end, which has given Vin Diesel, one of its stars, the chance to get attention from everyone around. If you want to achieve his look this season, get the black leather jacket like the one he wore in the movie. Simple, yet radical with small and discrete zippers that draw the attention to you, the bearer of the jacket.