Dark Knight Jacket

Movie celebrity jackets: the trendsetting leather jackets for this season- the top 5

All the people want to look attractive and stylish. Watching films we often admire our favorite stars and we want to look like them. Today it’s easy to find the same leather jacket of pants that you have seen on screen. You can choose model of the same color or even choose just a design, color can be the one that matches you the best. So, if you want to look like real star, you need to know the most popular jackets and trends of this season.

The first between the most popular jackets is Captain America jacket. An image of real hero of all times is always popular and this model is on top of sales not only because of popularity of film and hero. This jacket is very comfortable and stylish, you can wear it in daily life. You can see many variants of such jacket, but the most popular models are the dark-blue with star on the chest and a wonderful winter soldier vest-jacket. As for the first one, it’s good model for bright and self-sufficient people who want to be in the center of attention. Bright colors are in trends, plus, contrast between color of jacket and star (it’s always white) gives this jacket very stylish look. The second one is really universal black jacket with very interesting performance of closure. It’s closed by zip, but this zip is hidden and you can see straps with strap-tab and epaulettes. It has design of soldier costume with historic motives, but such combination with textures glance leather gives futuristic look to this jacket.

Guardians of the galaxy leather jacket is one of the most popular models of this season and if you want to have something really elegant and stylish, you must notice this model. The best variant is red one, because this season bright colors are in trend, plus, you will look really like Chris Patt. His jacket has a very interesting design and you can look really like a man from the future. Front zip closure, a lot of pockets, metal buttons and double effect on the front look very stylish. If you want something conservative, you can chose such model of black color. High stand collar always gives straight effect. This season designers propose wearing jackets with prints, patterns and combination of materials, here we see effect of jacket composed from different parts.

Dark knight jacket has many variants, because this movie had many parts and many actors playing in them. But the most popular model of dark knight jacket is the one with combination of red and black colors, red stand collar, red strips on all length of sleeves and red underlining of inner pocket make necessary stylish effect and thanks to soft material a dark knight jacket is so popular.

Supernatural power always was a dream of millions and Superman was always one of the most popular supernatural heroes. If before we saw classic image of this hero dressed in funny red, blue and yellow costume, today he has totally new image. Came from space, he is dressed in very stylish jacket from mat leather with textures sign of “S” on the chest. Straight lines, very elegant design and texture strips on shoulders looks really great.

Fro, superheroes we come to genies and Aviator jacket is example of wonderful performance of trend of this season: leather jacket of brown color. This jacket has shadows of retro style, so popular today, double out pocket, oblique zipper and asymmetry. Everything in this jacket shows high class and trends of this season.