Contraband Jacket

What to have in celebrity movie jackets for this season: top 5 choices

After watching many movies throughout the year, one feels the need of dressing up like those famous characters seen on the screen. From era kind of films, to modern and explosive action blockbusters, the many movie characters have made an impact in audiences all over the globe. Here are the top five choices for the season.

 • The Aviator

Vintage jackets are hot this season. They not only protect you from the cold weather outside, but they also enhance your look by bringing back the looks of past eras. Such is the case of the film The Aviator, in which we see the character of Howard Hughes, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, wearing a vintage jacket that seems to carry many elements of the latest fashion. This jacket is a good fit for a trendy casual look, and it looks great with a white shirt underneath. It has a double flapped neck collar and its front is buttoned closed. Its waistband is wide and also has a pair of buttons. To bring out the fashion at its best potential, this jacket should be worn in its caramel brown version.

 • The Wild One

Marlon Brando will always be remembered for his flawless performance of a motorbike rider in the movie The Wild One.Perhaps we could even say that Brando is quite responsible for the success of this kind of jackets, as he is pointed as one of the first famous bearers. The jacket’s mark is the unforgettable BRMC logo in the back. This jacket goes well with plain t-shirts underneath and a good and strong pair of jeans.

 • Fight Club

If you think of the movie Fight Club, you probably think of Brad Pitt. Part of the reason the star became known for such film, is his use of a red leather jacket. An unpopular pick for that season, the red leather jacket became a fashion statement after Pitt proved that red is a good color for any men who joins a fight club. The movie shows that such kind of jackets goes well with casual jeans and plain t-shirts.

 • Contraband

Mark Wahlberg gave a lot to talk about after the release of the movie Contraband. Set in New Orleans, Contrabandhas everything someone looks for in an action film. Along with the movie came the Contraband jacket, a brown leather jacket that Wahlberg wears for a large portion of the film. The Contraband jacket is simple, yet unforgettable as its features are mostly discrete. Even the centered zipper closing of the Contraband jacket is almost unnoticeable. This kind of jacket is best worn with jeans and Mark Wahlberg has proven that it matches both, dark and light colors of t-shirts.

 • Captain America

With the Marvel Universe becoming more popular every day as many of their movies come out, it is no wonder that the clothes worn by the characters are becoming popular as well. One example of this is Captain America. This American superhero is known for his vintage fashion, but it all changes when he turns into the ultimate superhero. The superhero inspired leather jacket has a metallic zipper in front and a button fastener on top. This jacket can be found in a combination of the famous American colors: red and blue. However, for anyone seeking a piece of vintage fashion, they could get the brown motorcycle jacket that the hero wore before he became one.