Brad Pitt Leather Jacket

Brad Pitt as Hollywood fashion Icon: the top 5 leather jackets from his movies

Brad Pitt has excellent style, taste and it’s not surprising that he became example for many men and dream for many women. It doesn’t matter if he wears jackets in daily life or in his films, these garments became very popular and many people want to have such jackets. Brad Pitt leather jacket looks great on any man, gives elegance and manfully, so, choose your favorite jacket and look like a real star!

The most popular leather jacket that became iconic is a jacket from Fight Club. You can see different variants of this model. Designers propose double-breasted red leather jacket with lapel collar, big pockets and four buttons closure. Bright and elegant it will complete your image and you will have great look on any party. If you want to follow your favorite star even in details, you can wear this jacket with red glasses, you will have mysterious and charming look. Such Brad Pitt leather jacket is presented in many colors: red one is the most popular, but there are also conservative black and grey models.

One more jacket from this famous film is presented by the model from black leather with two white strips on sleeves and white decorative pieces of leather on shoulders. This model has high collar and zipper closure that makes such model comfortable and universal. It’s sporty variant that can be used like a biker jacket and it will perfectly match any garment. So, Fight Club gave to fashion world two different leather jackets that has enormous popularity not only for fans of Brad Pitt, but just for people who want to look stylish.

The entire world admired The curious case of Benjamin Button and play of Brad Pitt. He showed wonderful play and plus, many attractive models. Fans still remember this famous actor driving Indian 101 and his leather jacket. This Brad Pitt leather jacket was made in the best traditions of biker vests, soft leather, big number of pockets for saving important things, metal buttons, large belt that underlines contrast between strong line of shoulders and waist, zipper closure. This season we see many such models and fans can buy the jacket of the same color as you saw in film, or a very interesting variant from glance leather, it looks very stylish and it’s easier to combine black leather with any garment.

Brad Pitt is universal actor and he can play any role. There are fumy films that make us laugh many times, there are serious movies that make us think about life and its cost. One of such movies is Fury and if you want to try an image of strong and self-sufficient commander, you can easily do it with bomber leather jacket of khaki color. You can find a model with embroideries on sleeves, like in film or try universal model of sand color, the most important is that design is totally saved from Brad Pitt image. In such jacket you will look lie real hero, plus, such jacket is very warm and it will be the best companion for you in winter. Designers propose variants decorated with fur or just with high collar.

One of the most notable images of Brad Pitt was his role in Killing them softly. Image of professional murderer and dangerous man attracts many people and you can try this image with leather jacket from this movie. The most popular are black, dark-green and dark-grey variants of this double-breasted jacket. You can be sure in your impressive look in such stylish garment.