Bane Coats

The new trends in leather celebrity clothing: what made news this season in the fashion world

Fashion and style depends on the fashion gurus and in this season there are top brands that made news in the fashion world. Moreover most of these trends that made news were the celebrity leather jackets and they include:

The bane coats

The bane coats are made of high quality synthetic leather that is usually distressed. The collar of the leather coat is broad and erect and this ensures that you are kept warm especially in the winter season. The bane coats are lined with white faux Shearling which is well detailed. The bane coat has two inside pockets, two flap pockets on the waist and two pockets on the chest. The leather coat gives one the urge to try it out because of its color which is brown and the extra details at the back and an extended slit on the lower part of the jacket. The bane coats are not only classy but also serve as a costume in most of the occasions. It is therefore a piece worth trying out.

The black faux fur collar jacket

It is evident that from the name, the leather jacket is quite elegant. The leather jacket is uniquely designed and well detailed apart from the versatility. In addition the heavy collar that is covered with fur ensures that you are well protected especially during the cold season. Moreover the leather jacket can be worn to any casual or official occasion. The zipper closure at the front ensures that you are well protected and the two sided inner and outer pockets give additional support. The leather jacket is also quilted and this makes it unique among most of the leather jackets that are available in the market today.

The Navy hooded Trim coats

This leather trench coat is considered as one of the best in this category because of its unique design and the detachable hood that it has. Moreover, the leather jacket has two flap pockets, two chest zipper pockets and two inner pockets. The inner part has a viscose lining that ensures that you are comfortable enough. The cuffs of the leather jacket have silvered buttons and the lapels and the sleeves of the leather jacket have zip openings. The collar is covered with faux fur with two additional silvered buttons and a removable belt on the waist region.

The padded leather jackets

The distinct feature that makes these either jackets to stand out in the fashion world is the fact that they are collarless. Apart from this, they have two straight pockets at the chest region, two waist pockets and a closure that runs from the shoulder to the lower part of the jacket. One interesting fact about these leather jackets is that they are of uproar colors that make them distinct from the rest of the leather jackets. The common colors are hot pink, white, purple and indigo. The sleeves of the leather jacket have stripes that give you that desired elegant look.

The funnel shaped leather jackets

These leather jackets are quite popular because of their funnel shaped collars. Moreover the unique star logo that they have at the back gives you the opportunity to stand out from the rest of the people. It is therefore recommended that you select the type that fits perfectly well in order to be comfortable.