Womens Brown Leather Jacket

Leather trends of celebrity this season

Ok. So it’s not rocket science that people influence people. The more flattering and appealing something looks to the eye, it can become popular or start a trend. The most influential group of people in the world are celebrities. These are the people who we see on television. They are on the biggest and quickest platform that reaches millions of people simultaneously. Heck, the leather jacket became popular due to being televised by Hollywood. Most trends start on the red carpet of movie premiers, award shows even music videos.

This season wearing leather is the talk of the town. Celebrities like Rita Ora and Jennifer Aniston have been photographed wearing a leather piece, e.g. a leather skirt, or dress. Celebrities are falling in love with the piece as much as the rest of the world is. The leather jacket may be the vintage item of leather, but other leather clothing items are becoming a must-have for women. Items like, the skirt, dress and shirt. Not only are these items gaining popularity quickly, the colours they come in as well is also growing fast on celebrities and the general public. Neon, pastels, metallics, brights are all the rage this season.

See the celebrities who are trending with leather this season:

 • Gwen Stefani

This hot momma is known for pushing boundaries and following her own path. She hit the streets with red skinny leather pants and black high heel boots. Leather pants aren’t a usual fashion favourite. Gwen Stefani rocks the pants nad struts the streets with confidence.

 • Cheryl Cole

The gorgeous X Factor judge is wearing a leather trim shirt that accentuates her curves and gives her a suitable lift.

 • Kelly Brook

The model/tv presenter/actor goes for a more edgy look. She wore orange leather pants at a launch in London. Rarely seen in the spotlight, the leather shorts are shied away from.

 • Miley Cyrus

She stands out from the crowd in a pencil leather skirt. It is an elegant piece of clothing and adds a bit of maturity to her look. The pencil leather skirt adds a bit of sophistication and class to any lady who wears. The kind of sophistication that the women’s brown leather jacket adds.

 • Drew Barrymore

Over the years she has been seen at premieres wearing the leather jacket on and off set. Recently she has been wearing the biker jacket. It adds a certain chic to her look. She can the called the veteran of leather jacket wearing.

 • Vanessa Hudgens

Wearing a women’s brown leather jacket, she’s been seen walking the streets of L.A. looking casual and classy with the underrated ladies jacket.

Genuine leather is known to be a pretty expensive piece of clothing to own. If you want to keep up with the Joneses on a string budget, get yourself a synthetic leather garment. Retailers are now selling patent, faux or synthetic leather to accommodate increasing demands. This kind of leather is easier to play around with. Manufacturers can produce clothing that vary in colour and fit.

There are a lot of celebrities out there wearing leather confidently and boldly. The vintage leather jacket is still gaining popularity. Celebrities and trend followers are slowly warming up to leather skirts, shirts, and pants. Hopefully the trend will gradually grow in the next season and we will all be rocking our leather shorts and women’s brown leather jackets!