White Leather Jackets For Women

Textures, patterns and colours- the changing trends of leather jackets for women this season

Do you have the discerning taste for colours, patterns and texture of the shifting styles particularly on leather jackets? Over time, we assume that you have developed an eye for the perpetually stylish white leather jackets for women. When you see the countless options of new trends right before you, probably you have known by now what flavour becomes you. And if a great artist like Leonardo Da Vinci happens to say something like this; “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, it surely rings a bell to your clean-cut white wardrobes and plain coloured clothes. But this season isn’t all just about white. The elaborate patterns will definitely show off the opposite of what is simple yet above all, classy.


The clear highlight of psychedelic neon colours and ballooning overcoats is a modern take on feminism combined with androgynousdressing. It may have all began when a lady borrowed a guy’s jacket and wears it with so much style. The result? New trend on womenswear suffice that simply throws thoughtfulness over a man’s basic wardrobe.

Trés chic

This season’s coolest and easiest thing to pair with is the grey colour. Since the comfy warm jackets on winter need for this cozy shade, it probably goes well with the “boyish” look. From beanies, to oversized grey knitted sweaters, the dull colour seems to have found its perfect match. Classic black leather coat goes perfectly with the grid patterns on a grey trouser or midi-skirt. Mixing white, black and grey also show a Parisian mode. This is evident on the houndstooth patterns on belts, accessories as well as in jackets this season.

A Shangri-La

Navy blue is another colour that shouldn’t be missing on your wardrobe. It goes perfectly with the long robes and overcoats for these very cold months. Cropped trousers match with full-on leather jacket in this shade. The delicate white patterns of bonsai prints stand out in dark blue clothing and accessories. Gold stitching is another complementary accent for this colour.

Rhapsody in blue

The dainty pastel is your whole new take on the flamboyantly shaped coats and blazers. If you like to look every inch a lady, a jacket that resembles the pink shade of ballerina slipper is a good match for the shapely patterns that adorn today’s latest collection of wardrobe. Chocolate brown and vanilla suits any pastel shade for that clean look. Large buttons at just the right amount brings out the beautiful clean lines of a belted wrap around coat or a jacket.

It’s hip to be square

Sporty motifs are a hot trend right now. The function and comfort of bomber style sports jacket with mixed textures of leather and mesh is a new take for that active lifestyle. Did you know that padded shoulders are back in style? If you like wearing that square shaped top with illusory cube patterns, indeed, you have just arrived. From skirts, tops and dresses, the square patterns in yellow, green and grey is also fitting for the office. Heading out for the gym or a walk? Take that quilted jacket along.

Every season, there’s a new change in style, colour, pattern and texture in almost any thing you wear for everyday. If you are skeptic about the latest trends, stick with the timeless black and white leather jackets for women to get you through.