White Leather Jacket

How colour and pattern of a leather jacket influences your look this seaon: the top 5

Pattern and color can completely change the way your leather jacket looks this season. For the ake of simplicity, let’s choose one leather jacket out of all the different styles to pick at and change as we like. The leather bomber is a great choice for this because of all the different possibilities and styles it can come in. Say you want a leather jacket that’s all one solid color, such as black or white. Black leather bombers and white leather bombers look completely different. Suppose you’re looking for a jacket that’s multicolored. Black and white leather jackets, yet again completely changes the look of the jacket. Inverting the colors, once again, completely changes the look of your jacket. The following as a top five list of the best patterns and colors of the season.

. The black leather jacket. For all those who are fans of the classics, this is the look for you. There are no tricks when it comes to a black leather jacket. All that there is is the jacket and you. Black leather jackets are the color of leather jackets that everyone thinks of when they think of leather jackets in the first place.

. The black leather jacket with shite sleeves. This leather jacket has more of s fashion vibe to it then the plain black leather jacket has. Sure, parts that are black might be the same, but the parts that are white stand out and give you an entirely different look then the plain black leather jacket. This combination of colors is the striking look of the season for any and all fashion savvy leather jacket enthusiasts of the season looking for a patter and combination of colors that really stands out.

. The quilted leather jacket. Who says that pattern has to be all about color sometimes the pattern of the fabric itself can be striking enough that the difference between the pattern and normal patterns is obvious. The quilted leather jacket is just one such of those jackets. Not only is this jacket a different turn in leather jackets for the season. But the look is also just as practice as it is eye pleasing. Quilted materials are warmer materials plan and simple. The same goes for a quilted leather jacket over a non-quilted jacket.

. The White leather jacket is everything black leather jackets aren’t. Whereas a black leather jacket is rebellious, white leather jacket is more requires as a classy color of leather as opposed to a rebellious one. Whereas black leather leaves you feeling like a badass, white leather will leave you feeling like an eccentric showmen. Whereasa black leather makes you look like a darker souled individual, white leather gives off a much more heavenly appearance than anything else. If you’re looking for a jacket that’s the exact opposite of everything people expect out of a leather jacket, go for a white leather jacket.

The ultimate color of leather jacket this season is the red leather jacket. Red leather jackets have a flair about them that no other color of leather jacket can match. Something about how striking the color is combines with the texture of leather crease a brand new look completely different then all other leather looks. A red leather jacket is a symbol of passion and only for the fashion savvy bold looking for a more distinctive look this season.