White Leather Jacket Men

How colour influenced the new trends of leather jackets for men this season: The Top 5 patterns and colours

Have you seen the new patterns lately? You would think that your eyes had been deceived. There are distinct colours and phantasmagoric forms that come with the fine attention of details on the new trends of leather jackets for men. This season, the shades of navy blue, gray and white leather jacket men choose for the winter goes well with red and black. If you have an eye for details, you will see the prominence of the classic mix of black and white on the unique patterns that adorn the latest pieces. The intangible mix of bright hues that looks like a watercolour fusion is also hot on the runways. Here, let us bring you the top 5.

Houndstooth pattern

This design gained popularity from sports coats and bomber jackets, which comes in black and white or of cinnamon and coffee brown. The pattern is like a weave of a four different shades either lighter or darker than the other. High-endateliers usually use this pattern as a trademark. A classic black bomber jacket can look stunning with these in front.

Geometric pattern

Isn’t life full of surprises? With today’s geometric designed outlines on the prints of the wardrobe, you would think that you’re seeing double. Most vintage design jackets come with geometric patterns of blue, green and oranges. The decorative forms vary as the shapes are likely showing an optical illusion. Leather squares are stylish on belts, wallets, bags and jackets. The erratic shades of gray and white combined exude an extraordinary class.

Cherry blossom/ Asian botanical pattern

Still can’t get enough of the far Eastern phenomena? The trend on Asian inspiration continues to bloom on the latest prints on sweatshirts, coats and blazers that we see around today. Dark blue contrasts with the white intricate designs of cherry blossom stitching or Ikebana prints on the latest clothing. Oriental inspired trench coats and kimono robe with obi belt brings one of a kind feel of the winter.

Cracked pattern

This pattern resembles a cracking egg, which can be seen on the solid shades of red, black and blue that has the white cracks on it. Blazers, sweaters and long coats this season are adorned with this eccentric design. Although it may appeal to the younger crowd, but who knows? What appears to be a mosaic of cracked glass could be your latest favourite perhaps.

Dotted pattern

Are you easily attracted with the dotted pattern? This is the most recognizable pattern as it comes in the shape of circle. All rainbow colours look good on polka dots but this season is on monochromatic shades of the usual black and white. From buttondown sleeves, caps and other accessories, the dotted trend is also seen on the white leather jacket men would likely give a try.

You can go on outdoors looking dapper and gorgeous with printed jackets in various patterns that suit your current taste. This season is a blend of understated luxury and overstatement rolled into one. Sportswear style brings an understated look yet the lavish lifestyle of golfing, tennis and sports club is deeply rooted with extravagance. And for that, the latest designs, patterns and colors make way for this peculiarity. It’s just amazing how colours and crisp patterns can do to you isn’t it?