Studded Leather Jacket

The studded leather jacket design trends of Winter collection

A leather jacket is gorgeous in nature due to its fittings and the materials it is made up of. It gives one an eminent personality. It comes in different materials and designs. Usually leather jackets are categorized in three different styles: biker’s jacket, aviator jacket bomber jacket. But there are many other different varieties and can be subcategorised in hundreds. Studded leather jackets are usually variation of biker’s jacket. These can be worn by both men and women.

Studs and spikes have been used for many years for variety of reasons on cloths and accessories. The use started from middle ages. It is used in motorcycle jackets, leather bags, shoes, horse saddles etc. in order to give a premium look. But now stud is used in many things like purse, shoes and hills, the different people punks, hip hop and alternative culture jackets and coats.

Studs are usually square shaped small piece of material for garment and textile. Stud gives extra protection and work as leather armour over a studded leather jacket. Studs have different shapes and sizes. Among the renowned type of studs are: pyramid shape, conical cone shape, English punk77, dome shape, jewel set, garment MP studs, punk jacket collection, etc. A good studded leather jacket strengthens with metal studs. For bikers this kind of jacket is very useful. It gives moderate defence.

Different skins of animals are used to make jackets and outerwear. Studs can be used differently with different type of skin. There are different types of leather used to serve various purposes. Not all leather is suitable for studs. Leather ranges from hard to very soft depending on the animal. Commonly used leather hide are cowhide, bison, deer skin, goat hide and sheepskin. Cowhide is the mostly used for biker leather vest because of its availability, durability, toughness, low cost and dirt resistance. But cowhide is harder that lambskin and goat skin. Sheepskin is the softest. It is most supple and most wearable material. Its texture is great and versatile. This is elegant kind of leather. Goat skin and ship skin is most suitable for these leather jacket though other types are used too.

Not only does this style of leather jacket give protection for bikers it also is a great way to express fashion. The studded leather jacket has opened a new world in fashion. Along with the jackets the studs accessories are also in great demand and has become one of the most desirable items in the market. For women, autumn is the best time to put on leather studded jacket as fashion apparel. If a soft leather jacket is cut in to perfect shape it can provide good hour glass amazing feminine figure. The specialty ofthese jacketsis that rock stars and celebrities love studded leather jacket. So the craze and trend has spread among the fans.

Rock star look is noticeable this season. The greatest designers have come up with different ideas and designs with the look for studded leather jacket. Some are for men and some are for women with stylish appeal. But the fashion and look did not stop with jackets only. Sunglass, skinny rock star belts, jeans, fitted blazer, etc. are also in the current trend with studs.