Quilted Leather Jacket

The new leather jacket trends for harsh winters

This winter, there are four main trends to keep in mind when selecting a leather jacket that will best protect you from the harsh elements of winter time. One such example of this is the nylon lining trend. This trend lines leather jackets with a material that’s smooth to touch while also great at heat retention. Another great trend for keeping warm this winter is the fur trim trend. Fur, like leather, is one of the warmest materials you can war and thus this style adds a ton in terms of how warm leather jackets keep you this season. The next trend to keep in mind is the length of your leather jacket. Longer leather jackets are, of course, going to be much more efficient in terms of heat retention then shorter leather jackets such as a biker jacket or a leather blazer. The final trend to keep in mind is the quilted trend. The quilted trend takes the basis that quilted jackets are warmer than regular leather jackets and quilts patches of leather together to attain optimum heat retention to create the quilted leather jacket.

Lined leather jackets are the warmest leather jackets around. Leather tends to be very fickle in terms of heat retention. If the elements are harsh and cold, the leather itself will be harsh and cold to the touch. The lining is better than just plain leather jackets at keeping all that heat in. On top of that, with how nice the material feels over all, not only will you be warm but you’ll also be comfortable as well.

The fur trend is also another great way to keep warm this winter. New leather jackets this season seem to be in love with the fur trimmings look. With a fur trim leather jacket, you’ll have that little extra push in terms of warmth is winter season. On top of that, this look is fashion at its best. You’ll turn heads with a slick leather jacket with fur trimmings for sure.

Another trend to keep in mind is the length of your jacket. Shorter leather jackets aren’t quite as good as longer leather jackets in terms of keeping warm for the simple fact that they don’t cover as much body area. Longer leather jackets will help you retain a lot more heat overall because you won’t be losing any from your midsection. While it may not seem like a ton more heat retention, it’ll make all the difference on those harsh winter nights when you’re not sure when you’ll be getting home.

The idea behind a quilt is simple. Pathetic keep you warmer than smooth surfaces because they’re more inter connected then smooth materials could ever be. This season, said principles were applied to leather and thus quilted leather jackets were born. These jackets aren’t just great at heat retention but also bring a flair and new style to the look that people have been begging for for years. No longer do you have a limited selection of leather jackets to choose from. This season, you can literally find yourself the perfect style of leather jacket that completely accents your individual style. Quilted leather jackets have the added benefit of not just being good looking, but are also very functional in terms of heat retention. Not only will you look good, you’ll feel as good as you look this season in a quilted leather jacket.