Mens Studded Leather Jacket

Whats the latest in men leather clothing trends and designs

A leather jacket is a must have clothing for a man for his wardrobe. It will adorn your wardrobe for a lifetime and you will never regret investing on it. However, it has lost the original image of being rough and tough. Leather coats give the essence of masculinity. Leather jackets still portray tough guys being adventurous, like hunting, both on movies and in reality. Studs and spikes on leather jackets add a lot to the tough image. Leather also portrays toughness because it protects people from adverse weather conditions and also physical harm like cuts and bruises due to its thick material. Leather is water resistant, so protects us from rain also. Leather jackets are very durable, it sometimes last a life time. This characteristic again reflects the toughness of leather. Some styles of leather jackets that portray the tough look are discussed below.

Bomber leather jackets are in fashion. These jackets are usually waist length and have lining inside. For motorcyclists, biker leather jackets acts as a second skin that is thick and tough. Actor Marlon Brando in his hit movie ‘The Wild Ones’ wore a biker jacket and made this piece of attire an icon. Aviator leather jackets and ‘Moto racer’ leather jacket depicts toughness as well. The colour black is associated with toughness. Black pant and black sunglass enhances the tough image. Sleeveless black leather jackets with zippers, belts and studs are also representative of toughness.

Mens studded leather jackets are usually variation of biker’s jacket. Bikers use it for protection in situations. Studs are usually square shaped small piece of material for garment and textile. Stud gives extra protection and work as leather armour over a studded leather jacket. Studs and spikes have been used for many years for clothing and accessories. In the early ages it was used in motorcycle jackets, leather bags, shoes, horse saddles etc. to give a premium look. But now stud is used in many things like purse, shoes and hills, the different people punks, hip hop and alternative culture jackets and coats. Bomber jacket was introduced for the US military in 1950s. This jacket is worn by presidents, and heroes or celebrities. A classic aviator jacket is made of buffalo hid. It gives clean shapes with a versatile edge.

But the combination of outfit of a leather jacket can be complex. Leather jacket fits great on both men and women. A leather jacket goes well with jeans and khakis. Black boots are prominent with tan jacket if worn them carefully. Leather jackets are about personal style and look. Studded leather jackets and accessories are the new trend in this season. The men’s studded leather jacket gives men rock star and celebrity look. Also pop stars, actors, and other celebrities use this type of jacket to stand out from the crowd and to show different and distinguished taste of fashion. So the fans go with the flow and started to love mens studded leather jackets and accessories. Studded leather jacket has take attention of great and famous designers and brands. Lots of variations have become available for studded leather jackets in the high street. A good studded leather jacket strengthened with metal studs. For bikers this kind of jacket is very useful. It gives moderate defence.