Mens Brown Leather Jacket

Extravagant Leather jackets- who’s wearing what this fall

With so many people in the world, blending into the crowd is easier than standing out. The best way for anyone aiming to stand out can do to achieve this is to dress differently to what the crowd is wearing. Metaphorically walk the opposite direction of them. Pop musician, Lady Gaga, Kesha and Kanye West are a few of the public figures we know to walk in reverse when it comes to the clothes they wear.

Leather can be a luxurious and elegant piece. Depending on the design it can be quite extravagant. At London Fashion Week, one of the designers displayed a dark brown ladies leather jacket. Its extravagance is in the flowing neckline that dips into the chest exposing a women’s cleavage. Extravagant leather for women is wide and varied.

Some pieces that hail claim to this are peplum inspired with just a little more fabric to emphasize the flow and texture of the jacket. Leather flares, a two toned leather jacket, definitive colors (blacks matched with reds), belt buckles, unconventional studs, lace look-alike cut outs or golden embroidery are some of the accessories added to a leather jacket to multiply quality its extravagance. expresses indulgence in the men’s brown leather jacket by the stitching and different layers of the jacket. The jacket is meant to provide men with extra warmth and comfort for stone cold days and/or rainy days. The extravagant leather jacket isn’t quite popular as yet and only a few people are wearing it. Here are a few people who have experimented with the piece and haven’t missed a heartbeat whilst doing it:

 • Models

Although they already wear them as a display on the worlds fashion runways. Some models also strut the jackets off the catwalk. Models are supposed to always look good on and off the catwalk. This is important because models never know whose watching. Most models, like Tyra Banks and Kate Moss where discovered on the streets by agents. What they wore played an active role in making this happen.

On the catwalk they are draped with clothes that many will want but will be afraid to try it. This is why there are designs that for the runway and ones that are for the streets. Proenza Schouler has leather designs that are luxurious for his latest designs. He has a few jackets that have defined colors. They are edgy and would need no adjustment for a trip to the mall.

Jun J’s men’s collection at Paris Fashion Week displayed some of the best and extravagant men’s leather designs. A leather jacket that stood out is the men’s brown leather jacket. The jacket is almost as long as a trench coat and has a neck collar that covers most of the fur. The inner lining of the jacket is made of fur.

Finalist for fashion designing reality show, Project Runway, Melissa Fleis exhibited her leather collection San Francisco. Her collection is edgy and features high waist skirts and jackets with an oversized collar.

 • Celebrities

Usually public figures are endorsed by designers to wear their clothes. Angelina Jolie, Jada Pinket-Smith and Kirsten Dunst have, in the past, worn a Proenza Schouler original on the red carpet.

Celebrities and models are influential public figures in the fashion industry. The public decides whether they like an item based on who’s wearing it and how it is worn.