Leather Jackets For Men

Top 8 Trend setting celebrities in leather jackets

Fashion industry has come a long way over the past 3 decades or so. People follow the fashion trends in all aspects of life whether it is clothing or accessories. As far as clothing fashion is concerned, various materials are used by the designers but leather has its own place in the industry as it never goes out of fashion. Besides the leather garments for women, there are now leather jackets for men too in order to bring them on the same page as their opposite gender. There is a wide range of variety when it comes to the leather jackets for men according to the requirements and preferences of the customers.

Fashion is the first thing which the celebrities tend to follow as they have to maintain their public image and come up to the expectations of their fans. Here are some celebrities who stand out with their unique style with the leather jackets.

All those out there, who are fond of playing video games, must be familiar with the name of Alex Mercer. Yes! Indeed! The style he carried in the game of Prototype is worth it and for the same reason; the leather jacket he wore in the game has been recreated in order to cater to the needs of his fans. Alex Mercer, for that matter, tops my list of the trend setting celebrities when it comes to the leather jackets.

Talking about the trend setting celebrities in leather jackets, how can we forget to mention the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Yes! It was not just the movie Terminator which left strong imprints on the minds of the viewers but it was also the jacket Arnold wore in the movie which had a deep impact on the trends in the fashion industry.

Brad Pitt! One of the hot favorite heroes of most of the youth these days has been an inspiring star who set trends in the leather jacket industry. The jacket styles he wore in the movies “The Curious Case of Benjamin Cutton” and the “Fight Club” were more than just the trend setters in the leather industry as they were the recreated for his fans at their earnest demand.

The American patriots loved the jacket being carried by Chris Evan in his movie “Captain America” making it the hot favorite style of leather jacket. Since Chris played the role of an Army officer, his jacket was liked as a tribute to the country and hence it has gained popularity all over the States.

Daniel Craig is yet another trend setting celebrity in my list and is known for his sophisticated outlook. Daniel’s leather jacket in the “Casino Royale became an instant hit as worn by a star as big as Daniel Craig.

If you are a big fan of colorful leather jackets, you must have followed Christian Bale’s red and black jacket in his movie “The Dark Knight”. Christian Bale set the trend of skin tight leather jackets suitable to be worn on all occasions.

The female celebrities have not been lagging behind when it comes to trend setting in the leather jackets. Yes! Katniss Everdeen’s leather jacket in “The Hunger Games” set a sophisticated trend in the industry.

The heroine of “Kill Bill” won the hearts of her fans by wearing a funky colored leather jacket. Uma Thurman introduced the idea of a colored leather jacket as she played the part of a heroine in the film.