Ladies Leather Jackets

How and with what to wear a ladies leather jacket and look stylish- The Top fashion tips

Depending on the woman’s leather jacket you chose this season there are a few tips and tricks in terms of what to wear with such jackets. The American biker jacket always looks good with a nice pair of boots and jeans with a dark pair of sunglasses to top the look off. Alternatively, leather bombers and aviator jackets of all types typically look better with a brown boots, brown cackles and aviator sunglasses combo. The key thing to keep in mind is the style of your leather jacket. if the jacket is big and hides your body, go for more fashionable and practical cloths to accent it. if the leather is tight and hugs your body, go for a bold look that will more so make you feel like a lady then the other style. It all depends on the ladies leather jackets you pick out for yourself.

With a leather biker jacket, a nice pair pf black boots is a must. The rule about black leather is that it can only be combos with either black leather, brown leather or red leather. A nice pair of black red or born boots really brings the entire biker look together. A bit of it also depends on the style of biker jacket you pick out as well. Euro style biker jackets look better when combos with a nice pair of leather pants. American biker jackets on the other hand always seem to go hand and hand with a piair of washed out denim jeans. The most important thing to keep in mind is pick a style and stick with it. Purple puffy pants and a biker jacket are a huge fashion “no no” for example.

If you’re looking for more of a brown suede bomber or any kind of aviator jacket for that matter, light brown boots and khakis are always a great way to go. Dark brown on light brown specifically is a look that really accentuates this kind of bomber. The shirt underneath should always be a collard white shirt because you don’t want a shirt that’s going to distract people from your jacket. When you wear a bomber, the bomber is the piece de la resistance meaning it’s the part of the outfit that you’re really showing off. Add a nice pair of aviator sunglasses to the mix and you have yourself one hell of a fashion combo. Leather bombers are by far one of the best ladies leather jackets of the season.

Say you just want plain ladies leather jackets, what then should you wear? Bright colors. Leather jackets tend to be dark and so are best contrasted by light colors such as white. A pair of white jeans and burgundy leather jacket combo is one of the best ways to wear a burgundy jacket for example. Brown leather jackets always look good when their accented by blue, so a pair of regular blue jeans for all your brown leather jacket needs. In terms of black leather jackets colors like grey, shite, or even black are great in combination with such jackets. The key thing to remember is that contrast draws much more attention than a gradient pallet. If you’re looking to draw attention, go for the contrast. If you’re looking to fit in with the crowd, go with the gradient.